UNS is one of outstanding universitites in Indonesia which is academically excellent. It is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia which is surrounded by green, cultural, and peaceful environment. The wide green area in UNS campus comforts its society with fresh and cool air. UNS has been recognized as one of the best universities in Asia (rated two stars by QS Stars in 2014) and has been becoming a new point of interest of scholars as well as students from around the globe. UNS has also been ranked as the third best universities in Indonesia by the National Accreditation Bodies for Higher Education Institutions. The stable rising rank of UNS at the webometrics (http://www.webometrics.info/) also shows that the world has acknowledged the reputation of the university.

Studying in UNS means experiencing a unique life in Solo since it lies in the center of Javanese culture in Central Java. Living in Solo provides an access to witness historical remains and distinguished culture of the heritage city. Traditional way of life is tightly interwoven with the urban style colouring the atmosphere of living in Solo. Complete facilities of the city do not eliminate the long established local identity of Javanese tones in every beat of day-to-day activities of the city. As located in a city where its culture remains preserved, UNS provides plenty cultural events aimed at stimulating curiosity among old and young. Javanology Institute plays role to be the hand of UNS to illuminate Javanese culture, knowledge and science within the academic atmosphere.