Becomes the excellent development center for science, knowledge, and art in the international level which is based on the noble values of the national culture.


  1. Organizing the education and teaching that demand the self development of the lecturers and drive the self reliance of the students in acquiring knowledge, skill, and attitude.
  2. Organizing the researches, which aim at the new discoveries and inventions in the fields of science, technology, and art.
  3. Organizing the community service activities which are oriented to the efforts of community empowerment.

Work Goals

  1. Creating a social environment which drives each member of the campus to be willing to learn in order to have the optimal development of self ability;
  2. Generating the graduates who are devoted to God and who have noble personalities; intelligent, skilled, and self reliant; physically, spiritually, and socially healthy as well;
  3. Generating new discoveries and inventions in the fields of science, technology, and art which can be used to solve the problems in the community and to build a better life;
  4. Disseminating the output of education, teaching, and research in such a way that a continuous transformation toward a more modern life can be actualized;
  5. Exploring and developing the noble values of the national culture as one of the bases of thinking, having attitude, and behaving in life, both inside and outside the campus;
  6. Developing a more civilized life institution toward having the community which is increasingly intelligent, skilled, self reliant, democratic, peaceful, and religious;
  7. Supporting to have a sovereign, united, righteous, and prosperous national and state life;
  8. Making Universitas Sebelas Maret an internationally reputable university.

Work Culture

Achievement Orientation
(Orientasi berprestasi)
Definition :The ability to work well and try to strive to exceed established performance standards, result oriented and continuously make efforts to achieve excellence.

1. Achievement standards
2. Creative ideas
3. Expertise
4. Orientation on results
5. Excellence
6. Perfection.

Customer Satisfaction
(Kepuasan pelanggan jasa)
The ability to help or serve others or meet the needs of service users, both internal and external.Aspect:

1. Proactive
2. Fast response power
3. Focus on service users
4. Empathy
5. Active listener
6. Interaction
7. Openness

The ability to work with others, both in large teams and small teams within the scope of the institution.Aspect:

1. Participation
2. Contribution
3. Cooperation
4. Focus on team performance
5. Tolerance.

The only words with deeds, the ability to describe intentions, ideas, and feelings and translate completely into actions based on sincerity, loyalty, sense of responsibility and high commitment to organizational progress in line with the vision and mission of UNS.Aspect:

1. Accountability
2. Honesty
3. Responsibility
4. Consistency
5. Discipline
6. Commitments
7. Loyalty

The ability to set new goals when the targets have been achieved and have a long-term orientation, including the ability to adapt to environmental changes and easily accept changes in institutions.Aspect:

1. Continuous improvement
2. Manifesting ideas into actions
3. Innovation
4. Reputation
5. Change management.

The ability to process existing resources into products and services that have added value and seek benefits / advantages from opportunities that have not been developed by others.Aspect:

1. Independence
2. Welfare together
3. Creativity
4. Value added
5. Entrepreneurship.