To become a world-class center of development for science, technology, and arts-based on the noble values of national culture.

  1. To provide education and teaching that necessitate educator self-development and encourage student independence in acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  2. To conduct research that leads to discoveries in sciences, technologies, and arts.
  3. To hold community service programs with focus in community empowerment.
  1. To create an environment encouraging academic members to develop their skills to their full potentials.
  2. To produce graduates who are devout to God the Almighty, virtuous, intelligent, skilled, self-sufficient, and physically, mentally, and socially healthy.
  3. To establish a system for the effective and efficient advancement of sciences and technologies.
  4. To disseminate the results of education, teaching, and research to the community to achieve continuous transformation for a more prosperous life.
  5. To establish the development of national noble values as one of the pillars of life’s thinking, acting, and behaving.
  6. To establish civilized institutions of life to create an orderly and peaceful society.
  7. To create sovereign, united, just, and prosperous national and state lives.
  8. To make Universitas Sebelas Maret an internationally reputable university.
  1. Faith and devotion to God the Almighty;
  2. Honesty, truth, and scientific excellence for the advancement of culture and civilization, pioneering, struggle, and sincerity in the process of intelligence and development of a nation with a noble culture;
  3. Justice, democracy, academic freedom and openness;
  4. Sustainable development;
  5. Partnership and equality;
  6. Non-commercial and non-liberal; and
  7. Benefits to society, nation, state, and humanity.
  1. Achievement orientation;
  2. Customer’s satisfaction;
  3. Team-work;
  4. Integrity,
  5. Visionary; and
  6. Entrepreneurship

All academic members agreed to light up the spirit of UNS BISA (UNS CAN) (Implementing UNS ACTIVE Work Culture: Internationalization, Synergy, Acceleration, to achieve World Class University) to achieve the Vision, Missions, and Goals.

Since its inception in 1976, UNS has experienced diverse dynamics and has made numerous attempts to become a well-recognized university. We continuously carried out various programs, policies, and activities to deal with rapid, dynamic, interdependent, and complex global changes. UNS is one of the best universities in Indonesia and strengthens its steps towards World Class University (WCU). Several notable accomplishments demonstrate this at the national and international levels. Various efforts have been made to improve UNS’s capacity as an autonomous, accountable, and competitive university, culminating in recognizing UNS as a Public Service Institution (Badan Layanan Umum – BLU) University on February 27, 2009.

Implementing a work culture of “UNS ACTIVE” is one of the fundamental steps taken to achieve an excellent corporate university:

Achievement orientation

The ability to work well and exceed the achievement standard set, to become result-oriented and to strive for excellence continuously.

Customer’s satisfaction

The ability to help or serve others or meet the needs of service users, either internally or externally.


The ability to collaborate with others in the institution, whether in a large or small group.


The ability to describe an intention, idea, or feeling and turn it into an action based on sincerity, loyalty, responsibility, and a solid commitment to the organization’s progress following the UNS’ vision and missions.


The ability to set a new goal after achieving the previous one and have a long-term perspective, including adapting to environmental changes and readily accepting changes in the institution.


The ability to manage resources into products and services with added values and generate benefit/excellence from the opportunities that others have not developed.