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Facilities (Supporting Units) of Sebelas Maret University


Universitas Sebelas Maret has various facilities to support its commitment as a university which always gives the best services to the community. The following supporting facilities are provided to the community and the students.


  • Classrooms with modern facilities
    • UNS provides hundreds of classrooms with modern facilities such as air conditioner and projector to support students’ learning.
  • Campus Bus
    • Ensuring mobility and supporting environmental sustainability, UNS provides campus bus traveling around the main campus avenue. Busses were comprised of regular fuel bus and electric bus developed by UNS academicians.
  • God-worship Complex
    • Embracing pluralism and tolerance, UNS provides houses of worship for multiple religion consisting of a mosque, church, Buddhist monastery, and Hindu temple.
  • Online Connectivity
    • Supporting productivity and connectivity, Wi-Fi network is available throughout the campus connected to all units and supported with the bandwidth capacity of 1.200 Mbps
  • Student dormitory
    • Students’ accommodation needs are provided by dormitories with the capacity of 700 units to facilitate students coming from different regions. Designed to be comfortable to accommodate UNS students and also equipped with a special hall for delegations from other universities.
  • UNS Medical Center and Sebelas Maret Drug Store;
    • Ensuring health and wellness of UNS students, UNS Medical Center and Drugstore readily provide healthcare service to accommodate students’ healthcare needs.
  • UNS Education Hospital;
    • Providing both healthcare service for the society and as the training center for medical doctors, UNS Education Hospital works as one of the fore front contribution for Surakarta’s health condition.
  • UNS Education and Training Center;
    • Preparing and guiding the graduates in practical skills
  • Auditorium and Guest House;
    • Accommodating guests and in-campus events, Auditorium and Guest House are one of the solution for UNS’s dynamic activities.
  • Cooperation, Post Office, Bank, and ATM Center;
    • Supporting facilities were also available in many easily accessible areas for convenience and productivity booster.
  • Cultural Center;
    • Pursuing academic and culture, Cultural Center’s presence is regarded as the middle ground for the local wisdom and to support the preservation of culture in the middle of Javanese cultural center and technological advancement.
  • Sport Center;
    • Supporting students’ health and activities, Sport Center is provided to enhance the awareness of health as part of students’ wellness in the middle of academic life.
  • Student Center
    • Provided as home to UNS students’ various clubs and activities, Student Center continually become the melting pot of students from different faculties and different department.
  • Career Development Center
    • Supporting and guiding recent graduates to face the highly competitive workforce, Career Development Center acts as the source of information and counseling service regarding the employment and career opportunities for students.
  • Drinking Water System Supplier;
    • Providing quality drinking water for free to UNS students and supporting sustainability in terms of reducing plastic bottle waste, Drinking Water System Supplier ensure the process and distribution of drinking water into various water tap and allowing the accessibility of drinkable water straight from the special tap in various locations across the campus.