History of Sebelas Maret University

Sebelas Maret University (UNS) was founded on March 11, 1976, and was originally a merger of 5 universities in Surakarta. There is a major goal behind the merging of these universities, which is to improve the quality of higher education in Surakarta.

After 5 years of consolidation, UNS prepared to begin the process of its development. Physical development began in 1980. Under the leadership of dr. Prakosa, the original campus located in several places were united in the same area. The new area was in Kentingan, on the riverside of Bengawan Solo River, with a coverage area of approximately 60 hectares. In this Kentingan area, the first phase of campus construction ended in 1985.

The physical development of the campus is relatively quick and well balanced with developments in other sectors. In 1986, Prof. Dr. Koento Wibisono as the next rector established the foundations of growth acceleration. At present, changes have occurred, such as a good development in the academic field and the number of staff, as well as in strengthening the infrastructure of the campus.

After Prof. Haris Mudjiman, Ph. D became the next rector, UNS acceleration began to move into a better direction. High spirit and commitment to make a change is really needed to make progress in every side of life of UNS. The effect of these changes is very impressive.

Today, UNS Solo is a young university with a remarkable growth. With many existing potentials, such as skin surgeon with a national reputation (Faculty of Medicine), the discovery of starbio and salt resistant rice (Faculty of Agriculture), and the other progresses in every faculty and other work units. UNS is also one-step forward in the development of information technology. With a larger expansion of information technology networks, UNS Computer Center has made a history in UNS progress and development. The other more impressive history will occur along with the growth and development of this university.