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The symbol of UNS is a flower with four petals as the visualization of the nation, the name of the nation and the state.The three petals at top side, right side and the left side are the embodiment of tri dharma colleges. The one petal under consists of five units that symbolize the principles of Pancasila. The four petals form a line in sequence to depict the academic unity of UNS .

The flower’s pistil head shape is described as Wiku that derives from Pali, meaning “the learned people”, a circular writing that is similar with Javanese script is Sangkala Candra, (In count of Java) “Mangesthi Luhur Ambangun Nagara” symbolizes the Java year 1908 or 1976 AD, the founding year of UNS.

Overall the symbol of UNS visualize ideals to build a nation, Candra Sangkala it as a shining Praba, Praba in the history of religion and puppet used by the holy man who’s wise and virtuous. The central of symbol is Wiku brain (the learned man) is described as a flame, suggests light that illuminates the eternity of science, toward human welfare. Navy blue’s color is a pledge of allegiance and devotion to nation, state, homeland, and science.

General Information

Name of University Universitas Sebelas Maret

colloquially known as  UNS

Established March 11, 1976
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E-mail campus[at]
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Twitter : @11MaretUniv

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Status of University Public/Public Service Agency (BLU)

The Finance Minister’s Decision No. 52/KMK.05/2009

Accreditation from BAN-PT BAN-PT (Departement of National Accreditaion-High Education) Decision

No. 016/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/PT/I/2014

Accreditation Score 372/A (excellent)
University Leaders
Rector Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, M.S.
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Drs. Sutarno, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Vice Rector for Finance and Management Affairs  Dr. Mohammad Jamin, S.H., M.Hum.
Vice Rector for Student and Alumni Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Darsono, M.Si.
Vice Rector for Partnership and Planning Affairs  Prof. Dr. Widodo Muktiyo, S.E, M.Com.
Current Students 32.795
Faculties 10 Faculties and 1 Postgraduate
Departements 64 Undergraduate Programs

25 Vocational Programs

2 Professional Programs

42 Master Programs

16 Doctoral Programs

14 Medical Specialist Education Programs

Address Jalan Ir. Sutami 36, Kentingan, Jebres,

Surakarta, Indonesia

Postal Code 57126

Telephone/Fax. (+62)271-646994 / (+62)271-636268
Location Coordinate 110° 51′ 22” E

−7° 33′ 42” S