Academic Year

One academic year is comprised of two semesters, namely August–January and February–July. The first semester runs from August to January. Each course has a minimum of 16 meetings (including exams) in a semester.

Tuition Fee

Every semester, all international students must pay tuitions as well as additional fees set by each faculty. The Indonesian government sets the tuition fees for bachelor’s degree programs, whereas the tuition fees for Master’s Degree Programs, Doctoral Degree Programs are determined by the faculties. Students who receive the UNS Scholarship or other scholarships from the Indonesian government, such as the Darmasiswa and KNB Scholarship, are exempt from paying tuition.

Assessment System

Depending on the faculty and field of study, the assessment system may include individual and group projects and essays/written reports.

Grading System

Universitas Sebelas Maret uses the following grading system.

Score (Max 100) GPA Scale Grade Remark ECTS
S ≥ 85 4.00 A Excellent A
80≤S<85 3.60-3.90 A- Very Good B
75≤S<80 3.00-3.20 B+ Very Good C
70≤S<75 3.00 B Good C
65≤S<70 2.70 C+ Satisfactory D
60≤S<65 2.00 C Sufficient E
55≤S<60 1.00 D Fail FX
S < 55 0.00 E Serious fail F

Students can take 20 to 24 credits (depending on the faculty or field of study).

One credit equals to 45.3 hours or 1.62 ECTS

One full academic year equals to 40 to 48 credits

Students of Bachelor’s Degree Programs (in 4 years) take a minimum of 144 credits and a maximum of 156 credits.

Students of Master Degree Programs (in 2 years) take a minimum of 36 credits and a maximum of 50 credits.

Students of Doctoral Degree Program (in 3 years) take a minimum of 42 credits.

GPA measures a student’s ability to complete courses. If students have a low GPA after the first two semesters, they cannot complete the course. They can only take fewer courses/credits the following semester, hoping that they will complete the courses.

GPA in a semester Credit limit for the next semester
<1.50 Max 12 credits
1.50-1.99 Max 16 credits
2.00-2.49 Max 18 credits
2.50-2.75 Max 20 credits
2.76-3.00 Max 22 credits
>3.00 Max 24 credits