Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

No Study Program Accreditation
1 Indonesia Language and Literature Education A
2 Economics Education A
3 Physics Education A
4 Special Education A
5 Pancasila and Civics Education A
6 History Education A
7 Mechanical Engineering Education A
8 Office Administration Education A
9 Elementary School Teacher Education A
10 Structural Engineering Education A
11 Mathematics Education A
12 Sociology Anthropology Education A
13 Accounting Education A
14 Guidance and Counseling A
15 Geography Education A
16 Java Language Education B
17 Biology Education B
18 Early Childhood Education B
19 Chemistry Education B
20 Fine Art Education B
21 English Language Education B
22 Informatics and Computer Engineering Education B
23 Science Education *


Faculty of Cultural Science

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 History A http://sejarah.fib.uns.ac.id/
2 Java Literature A http://sasda.fib.uns.ac.id/
3 Indonesian Literature A http://sasindo.fib.uns.ac.id/
4 Arabic Literature B http://arab.fib.uns.ac.id/
5 English Literature B http://inggris.fib.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Economics and Business

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Accounting A http://feb.uns.ac.id/
2 Management A http://feb.uns.ac.id/
3 Development Economics A http://feb.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Social Science and Politics

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Communication Science A http://komunikasi.fisip.uns.ac.id/
2 Public Administration A http://an.fisip.uns.ac.id/
3 International Relations B http://hi.fisip.uns.ac.id/
4 Sociology B http://sosiologi.fisip.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Law

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Law Science A http://hukum.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Agriculture

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Agribusiness A http://agribisnis.fp.uns.ac.id/
2 Soil Science A http://ilmutanah.fp.uns.ac.id/
3 Agricultural Extension & Communication A http://pkp.fp.uns.ac.id/
4 Agrotechnology A http://agroteknologi.fp.uns.ac.id/
5 Animal Husbandry A http://peternakan.fp.uns.ac.id/
6 Food Science B http://ilmupangan.fp.uns.ac.id/
7 Forest Management * http://fp.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Medicine

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Medical Education A http://agribisnis.fp.uns.ac.id/
2 Psychology B http://agribisnis.fp.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Engineering

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Civil Engineering A http://sipil.ft.uns.ac.id/
2 Mechanical Engineering A http://mesin.ft.uns.ac.id/
3 Architectural Engineering A http://arsitektur.ft.uns.ac.id/
4 Industrial Engineering A http://industri.ft.uns.ac.id/
5 Chemical Engineering A http://kimia.ft.uns.ac.id/
6 Regional and Urban Planning B http://pwk.ft.uns.ac.id/
7 Electrical Engineering B http://elektro.ft.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Physics A http://fisika.mipa.uns.ac.id/
2 Biology A http://biology.mipa.uns.ac.id
3 Chemistry A http://kimia.mipa.uns.ac.id
4 Informatics A http://if.mipa.uns.ac.id
5 Mathematics B http://math.mipa.uns.ac.id
6 Pharmacy C http://farmasi.mipa.uns.ac.id
7 Statistics B http://statistika.mipa.uns.ac.id
8 Environmental Science * http://mipa.uns.ac.id


Faculty of Arts and Design

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Visual Communication Design A http://dkv.fsrd.uns.ac.id/
2 Craft A http://tekstil.fsrd.uns.ac.id/
3 Interior Design A http://interior.fsrd.uns.ac.id/
4 Fine Arts B http://murni.fsrd.uns.ac.id/


Faculty of Sport

No Study Program Accreditation Website
1 Physical Health and Recreation Education A http://fkor.uns.ac.id
2 Sports Coaching Education A http://fkor.uns.ac.id


*  new study program/accreditation in progress