All applicants need to follow the admission timeline determined by the admission committee and other terms and conditions for the admission. Here are several tips for you.

The documentation requirements for bachelor, master, and doctoral programs differ. Make sure you prepare the documents by the program for which you are applying. After completing the online application form, samples of the required documents are provided in the Upload Document section. Download and check them to ensure you are using the correct format.

All admission process notifications are sent to student candidates via email. Make sure that your email address is correctly entered on the online application form. Check your email regularly according to the admission timeline to see if you have received notification from the admission committee.

Although some lecturers are bilingual, the majority of lecturers teach in Bahasa Indonesia. As a result, knowing Bahasa Indonesia will give you a massive advantage in your studies. If you have a Bahasa Indonesia proficiency certificate, upload it to the online application along with the other required documents.

Student candidates will be interviewed by the representative of the selected faculty or study program. The interviewer will most likely inquire about your motivation, academic background, and other factors about your ability to study in Indonesia. The interview can be held in English, Bahasa Indonesia, or in both languages. You have the option of being interviewed offline on the UNS campus or online via video call.

Before attending UNS, all international students must obtain a visa, specifically a student visa. The International Office UNS handles visa and immigration issues for international students. When a student candidate is admitted, the International Office staff will notify and guide the student in applying for a student visa.

Students who wish to study at UNS independently or through the UNS scholarship scheme must adhere to the exact requirements, procedures, and timelines.

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