UNS — The Covid-19 pandemic has affected Indonesia for almost two years. During the pandemic, many sectors are affected, with the most affected sector being the economic sector. Many people are losing their livelihood, and many entrepreneurs are experiencing a decline in income and need additional funding through lending. However, small businesses with no Business ID Number (NIB) face difficulties gaining additional funding.

Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta Student Community Service Program (KKN) Group 311 is aware with the condition. The team sent to Tremes Village, Wonogiri District, also found that many small businesses in the village do not have NIB. Many factors are contributing to this condition. Many people do not know about the information, and others know about the regulation but find difficulties in the registration because of the computerized system.

Considering the condition, the KKN Team with 10 members has the initiative to assist Tremes Villagers in registering their NIB and its issuance. The program started with BIN socialization by inviting Sriyanto, M.E., the Chief of Data Processing Section One-Stop Integrated Service and Investment Office (DPMPTSP), as speaker.

“This NIB is issued to ease the business actors, especially Tremes Villagers, to find lending or business capital,” Sriyanto, M.E., stated in the event held on Monday (16/8/2021).

In the socialization, Sriyanto also explained that NIB is an identity or permit for a business issued by the Ministry of Investment or The Chief of Capital Investment Agency signed electronically. There are several things that are reviewed in NIB issuance, including the business activities, business location, and business risk category. NIB is vital to help the business owner in seeking lending for additional capital. NIB is also used as the basis in providing socialization and assistance for MSMEs from the Ministry of Investment or The Chief of Capital Investment Agency.

After the socialization, the team distributed the form to be filled as the registration requirement to several business owners. The team did not expect high interest from the community. As many as 444 business owners filled the form, which the team then proceeded to register them in the oss.go.id website. In four days, all forms have been accepted and issued.

“Alhamdulillah, 444 data could be issued in only four days,” Farel, the  KKN UNS Team 311 coordinator, stated.

The program prepared by the team supervised by Dr. Mujiyo, M.P., was highly appreciated by Tremes Village Chief, Parman, S.E., who stated that NIB issuance greatly helped the villagers. “Thank you to UNS students who have assisted in issuing the NIB in Tremes Village. I hope there will be a follow-up of this program in the future as a response to issued NIB,” he stated.

The 444 issued NIB were handed symbolically by Tremes Village Chief in KKN UNS 311 Closing Ceremony on 27 August 2021. KKN UNS Team 311 was officially concluded on Tuesday (31/8/2021). Humas UNS

Reporter: Ida Fitriyah
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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