“UNS is now more active”

As one of the outstanding universities in Indonesia, Sebelas Maret University (UNS) prides itself with excellent teaching, rigorous research, and empowering community service. Aware that the society demands more innovations than what is now available, UNS then works very seriously to make sure that everything is best suited to current and future needs of the society.

We are now dedicated and more ACTIVE. One of the philosophies that we adopt is the one of achievement orientation. Both students and faculty staffs are encouraged to be more productive, resulting quality achievement with the high standards. This is because best quality achievement then will guarranty the customer satisfaction,that can be obtained with a good teamwork and integrity of the whole members.

Contemporary and emerging needs are becoming more challenging. Therefore, UNS is now also visionary, being able to take initial steps to face what is coming the near future. Many have been done to do so. UNS is offering not only teaching excellence in diversed courses, but also researches the results of which are of high quality to meet the demands of the society. The current challenging situation leads UNS to be strong in enterpreneurship. The graduates are motivated and trainned not to find but to create jobs. For this, UNS has accepted an award from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small-Medium Enterprises.

With its beautiful green modernized campus, UNS has been the center of learning for many disciplines, ranging from social and humanity sciences to basic and natural sciences.

With more than 1,800 highly competent permanent & 400 part-time faculty staff,  UNS has been one of the outstanding universities in Indonesia, with excellent laboratories and IT infrastructure, fully provided for research and learning purpose.

Since declared as one of the best universities in Asia (ranked 171 by THES) in 2009, UNS has been becoming a new point of interest of scholars as well as students from around the globe. Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) is on the full support to the university to continually improve the quality in every aspect.

The stable rising rank of UNS at the webometrics (http://www.webometrics.info/) also shows that the world has acknowledged the reputation of the university.

Other excellences of the university include:

  • Research-Based Teaching
  • Academic Excellence
  • Professional & Highly Quality Faculty Staffs
  • Hi-tech campus
  • Excellent facilities
  • Global partnerships with universities and industries

Key Facts

  • Emphasis: Academic Excellence, Diversity, and Noble Value of Indonesian Culture
  • 1,800 permanent faculty staffs
  • 400 part-time faculty staffs
  • 36,000 students (Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate)
  • 17: 1 Student to Lecturer Ratio
  • Degree programs offered:
  1. Bachelor’s           : 52
  2. Master’s             : 29
  3. Doctorate            : 10
  • Countries of Overseas Students: 25+
  • Location: In the center of Javanese culture, surrounded by Mt. Merapi and Mt. Lawu and close to Borobudur temple.