UNS — The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FIB) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta through the History Laboratory FIB UNS held Webinar series-4 through the Zoom Cloud Meeting on Saturday (5/6/2021). The webinar discussed “Tanah Keprabon” (Keprabon Land) with Tri Wibisono, ST., MT as a speaker and Dr. Susanto, M.Hum as discussant.

From History Laboratory FIB UNS official social media, Tanah Keprabon is selected due to the land issues in Surakarta and Yogyakarta, which appeared after the Mataram Kingdom was separated into two parts, Kasunanan Surakarta and Kasultanan Yogyakarta through Giyanti Agreement on 13 February 1755. This event is connected to the current land issues in Yogyakarta, which demand a historical discussion on the history of keprabon land according to the development of Yogyakarta as a special region.

According to Perdais 1/ 2017 Article 6, 7, and 8, keprabon land is land used by Kasultanan (King) or Kadipaten (Duke) to build a palace and temple, traditional ceremonies, and other activities that follow. However, Tri Wibisono, as the Director of Cadastral Measurement and Mapping Ministry of ATR/BPN, mentioned that there is also the name of Tanah Bukan/ Dede Keprabon regulated in Perdais 1/ 2017.

Tanah Bukan/ Dede Keprabon consists of several categories: village lands from Kasultanan and Kadipaten with Anggaduh right, lands used by the community/institutions without Serat Kekancingan lands used by the community/institution and do not have Serat Kekancingan, and unused lands. Tri Wibisono also discussed the regulation on land ownership based on the Rijksblad Kasultanan & Kadipaten, which mentioned that all lands without a clear certificate of ownership are owned by Ngayogyakarta.

“In the establishment of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), DIY positioned itself according to the Perda Petunjuk Jawatan No. 3 of 1950 as the nation land which causes issues to this day,” Tri said.

He also added that the DIY government and the Ministry of ATR/BPN need to adjust their perception of the land ownership owned by ex-swapraja. The issues surrounding keprabon lands also came from the dualism that occurred in certain periods. “In the ’60, all Indonesia applied Basic Agrarian Law (UUPA), but DIY did not apply UUPA,” he continued.

The Head of Historical Science Program FIB UNS, Dr. Susanto, explained that agrarian reorganization in 1918 resulted in Rijksblad Kasultanan & Kadipaten which granted authority for a new bureaucrat (kelurahan) to manage village lands. Rijksblad Kasultanan & Kadipaten also regulated the rights for farmers to use grounds for generations while the land remains the King’s belonging.

“The milestone in land history in Indonesia is Maklumat No. 18 of 1946 because King’s right over DIY is stronger after the Special Region status was granted,” Dr. Susanto commented on the formation of DIY which was initially called the Regional Government of Yogyakarta. Humas UNS

Reporter: Alinda Hardiantoro
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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