UNS – The Student Organization (Ormawa) of the Indonesian Karate-Do Institute (INKAI) at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta achieved awards and medals at the Brawijaya University Karate (BUK) Championship 2023. The championship took place from Friday (10/11/2023) to Sunday (12/11/2023) at the Pertamina GOR of Brawijaya University (UB) in Malang.

Andini Nur Rachmawati, the Coordinator of the Public Relations Division 3, INKAI UNS, informed uns.ac.id that INKAI UNS secured a total of 11 medals, comprising eight gold medals and three bronze medals. The karate athletes from UNS participating in this competition underwent intensive preparation, including internal selection processes. They further prepared with regular training through a training center program held five times a week.

“Within it, there are karate technique exercises and physical strength training. They also focus on match strategy and improving mental conditions to face the pressure of the competition,” Andini said on Monday (27/11/2023).

She added that the achievements of the delegation from UNS’s karate team in the BUK Championship 2023 met their targets. This is evidenced by the improved performance of INKAI UNS, bringing prestige to UNS in the field of student karate. Moreover, these achievements contribute to maintaining the existence and advancing the achievements of INKAI UNS’s student organization.

The programs implemented by INKAI UNS have successfully produced reliable and high-achieving athletes. Participation in the BUK Championship 2023 has also expanded their social relations, facilitating the organization of activities and obtaining information related to karate.

“After successfully winning, we are happy and proud. This achievement is the result of prayers, hard work, and perseverance that have been instilled during the rigorous training process. Hopefully, in the upcoming competitions, the delegation from the INKAI UNS Student Organization will achieve even more,” Andini expressed.

Andini also hopes that this success can serve as motivation and inspiration for other UNS students. Following this, the INKAI UNS Student Organization will continue to improve its quality, including the development of training programs and other work programs. They aim to achieve more success in the future. Humas UNS

Here is the List of Champion Categories achieved by the INKAI UNS Student Organization in the BUK Championship 2023:

  1. 1st Winner Kumite -60kg Students & General Men: Ridwan Nuryahya (FKOR)
  2. 1st Winner Kumite +55kg Students & General Women: Nur Afiana Sari (FKOR)
  3. 1st Winner Kumite -60kg Students & General Women: Sabrina Nada Cahyaningrum (FKOR)
  4. 1st Winner Kumite -55kg Students & General Women: Umi Lailatus Zahra (FKOR)
  5. 1st Winner Kumite -50kg Female Students: Aldona Daffa Nadaa Nabilah (FKOR)
  6. 1st Winner Team Kata Male Students: Adam Hizbullah (FKOR); Cukat Ainun Jiwo (FKOR); Ridwan Nuryahya (FKOR)
  7. 1st Winner Individual Kata Students & General Men: Adam Hizbullah (FKOR)
  8. 1st Winner Individual Kata General Men: Cukat Ainun Jiwo (FKOR)
  9. 3rd Winner Kumite +60kg Students & General Men: Muhammad Rayhan Ramadhani (FISIP)
  10. 3rd Winner Kumite -55kg Female Students: Aulia Fakhril Ummah (FKOR)
  11. 3rd Winner Individual Kata Female Students: Nisa Maulina (FKOR)

Source: Interview

Reporter: R. P. Adji

Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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