Studying in UNS means experiencing a unique life in Solo. Solo lies in the center of Javanese culture in Central Java. Living in Solo provides an access to witness historical remains and distinguished culture of the heritage city.

Traditional way of life is tightly interwoven with the urban style colouring the atmosphere of living in Solo. Complete facilities of the city do not eliminate the long established local identity of Javanese tones in every beat of day-to-day activities of the city. Traditional market stood still accompanied by modern malls; two historical places, Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran show their glorious past in contrast to modern iconic architectures; not to mention various cultural festivals which are open to broad audience.

University also provides plenty cultural events aimed at stimulating curiosity among old and young. Javanology Institute plays role to be the hand of UNS to illuminate Javanese culture, knowledge and science within the academic atmosphere.

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