International students at Universitas Sebelas Maret have the following housing options to choose.

1. University Dormitory

Universitas Sebelas Maret has a dormitory for both local and international students. International students are suggested to notify IO UNS about their accommodation preference before coming to UNS. If students want to stay at the university dormitory, IO UNS will assist with the reservation.

Facilities & Fee

The university dormitory provides shared rooms with 2 beds and one bathroom inside the room. The room is equipped with additional furniture e.g. table, chair, and small wardrobe. The dormitory has one shared kitchen in every floor. There is no laundry room in the dormitory building, but laundry services are available around the dormitory. The dormitory fee is IDR 850,000 for male students and IDR 900,000 for female students (water and electricity included). If students lose the dormitory key, they may be charged for the replacement of the key.


Students are expected to follow dormitory rules and be considerate and respectful during their stay. Students are not allowed to bring guests to stay at the dormitory, especially those of different gender. Any damage to the dormitory facilities can justify dormitory management to put charge on the students.

Repair and Maintenance

If something in the room needs repairment, students can contact the dormitory officer at office hour (8.30AM – 4PM).

Dormitory address

Jl. Kartika III, Ngoresan, Jebres, Surakarta

2. Other housing options

If students prefer living in other housings, students can rent a boarding house around the university.

House for Rent (Rumah Kontrak)

Several students rent and share one unfurnished house (although few may have simple beds and desks/chairs). This type of house typically has 2-5 bedrooms and shared garage, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and other facilities of the house. The rate usually starts from 15,000,000 IDR per year.

Room for Rent (Kamar Kos)

Many landlords rent a house consisting of 10 or more furnished or unfurnished bedrooms. Students live together in the house, usually sharing bathrooms (although now many rooms are equipped with a private bathroom) and kitchen. The rent period is usually 6 months or 12 months. The rate starts from approximately 3,000,000 IDR for 6 months and varies based on the facilities.