Point of Interest (Tourism Object)

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Point of Interest in Solo

Point of Interest in Solo


As a city with its richness of Javaness culture, Solo has many tourism spots which provide a lot of historical stories. There are two historical palaces; Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran, show their glorious past in contrast to modern iconic architectures. Besides, Solo also has the second oldest museum in Indonesia which is Radya Pustaka Museum which keeps many kinds of collections such as Hindu-Buddhist sculptures, wayang, ceramic, gamelan set, and Javanese keris.

Solo is also famous as a city producing batik, so there are many places that you can visit to discover about this international heritage such as Kampung Batik Laweyan and Kauman, and Danar Hadi Batik Museum. There are also Klewer Market and PGS (Solo Grocery Center) where people usually purchase batik.

Since Solo is also famous for its wayang, there are some places usually conduct wayang orang performances regularly which you can enjoy at Wayang Orang Building in Sriwedari, or you can enjoy Sendratari Ramayana at Balekambang Park. Solo often holds various cultural festivals which are open to broad audience for example SIPA, Solo Batik Carnival, Solo Keroncong Festival, etc. Having a city tour in Solo is so easy because the iconic transportations, Sepur Kluthuk Jala Dara and Double Decker Bus Werkudara are always ready to take you enjoy the city.

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