Aside from academic degrees, positive stimuli of living in Solo can also be found in various tourist attractions scattered throughout the city. These are a few examples.

3 Lidah 3 Cerita

Markets and Production Centers

  1. Laweyan Batik Village
  2. Ngarsopuro Night Market
  3. Triwindu Antique Market
  4. Solo Wholesale Center (PGS)
  5. Klewer Market
  6. Benteng Trade Center
  7. Gladak Langen Bogan (Galabo Street Food Court)
  8. Kris and Souvenirs Market

Markets and Production Centers

  1. Mangkunegaran Palace
  2. Kasunanan Palace

Parks and Attraction Sites for Refreshing and Amusement

  1. Sriwedari Amusement Park
  2. Balekambang Park
  3. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Monuments and Museum Preserving and Commemorating the Past

  1. Press Monument and Museum
  2. Radya Pustaka Museum
  3. Danar Hadi Batik Museum
  4. Sangiran Archaeological Museum

Hinduism Temples Reflecting the Ancient Religiosity of the Region

  1. Cetho Temple
  2. Sukuh Temple