The UNS logo is in the form of a flower with four petals as a visualization of the nation, which means the education of the nation’s generations that will later make the nation’s and country’s name proud. Three petals; above, right side, and left side represent the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, one petal below consists of five units representing the Pancasila precepts, and the lines forming the four petals are made in a chain to represent the unity of the UNS academic civitas.

Flowers represent the Indonesian nation; the three petals represent the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The five-pointed serrations on the petal below represent the five Pancasila precepts; the unbroken outline represents the University’s people’s unity.

The flower’s pistil shape is described as Viku, which comes from the Pali language and more or less means “knowledgeable person.” Viku‘s face with a flame in the center represents the radiance of a mind full of wisdom, nobility, and the eternal light of knowledge.

Candra sengkala is a circular series of words, each of which has a meaning: mangesthi means number 8, luhur means number 0, ambangun means number 9, and nagara means number 1; read from the back shows the number 1908, which is the year in Java when the University was founded in 1976; the circular and shining praba symbolizes the radiance of holiness and nobility of mind.

These things are united in a circle that reads Universitas Sebelas Maret and stands for UNS. The sky-blue color represents a pledge of loyalty and devotion to the country, nation, and science.

Overall, the UNS symbol represents the organization’s noble ideals of nation-building. Candra Sangkala resembles a gleaming Praba. Praba is a religious term that has been used by holy, wise, and virtuous people throughout history. The brain of Viku (knowledgeable person) is depicted as a flame of fire in the center of the symbol, alluding to the eternal ray of knowledge that illuminates human welfare. The sea-blue color symbolizes loyalty and devotion to the nation, country, homeland, and science.