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Research and Community Services.

  1. Center of Research and Development of Tourism and Culture (PUSPARI); –> click here
  2. Center of Local and Institutional Policy Studies (P2KDK); –> click here
  3. Center of Technological and Industrial Collaboration Studies and Development(PKPTKI); –> click here
  4. Center of Population Research (PPK); –> click here
  5. Center of Disability Studies (PSD); –> click here
  6. Center of Research and Development of Food, Nutrition, and Public Health (P4GKM); –> click here
  7. Center of Enterprenurship Development (PPKwu); –> click here
  8. Center of Regional Information and Development (PIPW); –> click here
  9. Center of Rural and Regional Development Research (Puslitdesbangda); –> click here
  10. Center of Javanology Studies (Institut Javanologi); –> click here
  11. Center of Environmental Research (PPLH); –> click here
  12. Center of Research and Development of Biotechnology and Biodiversity (P3BB); –> click here
  13. Center of Disaster Studies (PSB); –> click here
  14. Center of Research and Development of Gender (P3G); –> click here
  15. Center of Japanese Studies (PSJ); –> click here
  16. Center of Sexual Health Studies (PSKS); –> click here
  17. Center of Cooperative and Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Studies & Technical Assistance (PSP-KUMKM); –> click here
  18. Center of Research and Devlopment for Constitution and Human Rights (P3KHAM); –> click here
  19. Center of Democracy and National Defense Studies (Pusdem Tanas); –> click here
  20. Center of Protection and Financing for Farmers (Pusdi P3); –> click here
  21. Center of Financial Studies of Public Sector and Tax Center (PSKSPT); –> click here
  22. Center of Islamic Economic Studies (PSEI); –> click here
  23. Coordinator of Prosperous Independent Fund  (DAMANDIRI); –> click here
  24. Center of Public Transparency and Anti Corruption (PUSTAPAKO); –> click here
  25. Coordinator of Community Services (UPKKN); –> click here
  26. Cordinator of the Quality Assurance Unit of Research and Community Services (UPMP2M);
  27. Center of Southeast Asian Nations (PSA).