Children with Special Needs Empowered through Quail Farming

UNS – Consuming quail is good for health. Their meat and egg carry high nutritional value. With a low amount of fat, quail meat is rich in protein; quail egg promotes brain function stimulation. They are also easy to breed that quail farming is a profitable business. In Sragen, Jawa Tengah quail supply depended on the production in Surakarta. Meanwhile, there were children with special needs in Sragen given hair salon and cooking training, which were not much in their favour for applying for jobs.

Due to such condition, Ratih Dewanti and Adi Ratriyanto from Agriculture Faculty of Universitas Sebelas Maret (FP UNS) Surakarta conducted research to empower children with special needs at Special School (SLB) Bagaskara and Social Rehabilitation Center (Barehsos) Raharja, Sragen.

Before and after doing some treatments, the researchers gave questionnaires to children at both SLB Bagaskara and Barehsos Raharja. The result showed that there were significant outcomes from SLB Bagaskara and Barehsos Raharja.

In conducting the research, the researchers provided experts for counseling, training, and mentoring in  quail maintenance. They also provided complete equipment such as cages, seeds, vitamin, medicine, and food for the quail. The children were also given training in marketing and administrative management and composting.

The research resulted in new skills and knowledge possessed by the children with special needs in SLB Bagaskara and Barehsos Raharja. They could even earn profits with those. Furthermore, SLB Bagaskara and Barehsos Raharja wished to expand this enterprise, so that it can be sustainable activity for students with special needs. humas-red.uns/Ref/Eln

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