Professor of UNS: Everyone Responsible to Freshwater Management

UNS – The rapid growth of population causes the reduction quality, quantity, and continuity of freshwater. Moreover, industrialization, development, and spiritual crisis are also the causes of the freshwater pollution as stated by Sutarno on his speech entitled Implementation of Freshwater Ecosystem Managementat the inauguration of professor.

“The population growth is considered as the main factor of water crisis. People morality in using water is decrease,” Sutarno, the head of Environmental Science study of Mathematics and Science Faculty Universitas Sebelas Maret (FMIPA UNS) Surakarta, stated.

This professor studied Freshwater Mussels (Anadonta woodiana) showing its ability as bio-indicator of water pollution. Heavy metal (Cd) waste appertains to industrialization especially textile industry. Furthermore, Cd contamination can be defined from the failure of kidney and gill inside anadonta woodiana marked by the transformation of DNA.

“Freshwater mussels are the bio-indicators of water pollution marked by the long life cycle as filter-feeder,” Sutarno, the academician who accepts Satyalancana Karya Satya XX award from Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, explained.

In addition, Sutarno inferred two conclusions: environmental damage caused by spiritual crisis and the importance of implementing ecotheology in the education system. According to Sutarno, religion had become a tool to control the behavior of society.

Moreover, Sutarno also stated that the researcher and practitioner had been conserved the fresh water through any technological approach. However, the result was not optimal since it was not followed by the theology approach. Humas-red.uns/ref.

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