UNS — The Student Community Service Program (KKN) Team from the Faculty of Medical Science (FK) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta intensifies vaccination and socialization of Siranap to the community. This program is proposed because of the spike in Covid-19 patients in Indonesia, which drives the government to boost the Covid-19 vaccination. FK UNS had the opportunity to participate in the serbuan vaksin Covid-19 program aimed specifically at UNS academic members.

This program was implemented from July to August 2021 in the FK UNS Auditorium. In 24 days, FK UNS has distributed around 30,000 dosages of the Covid-19 vaccine, including the first and second vaccines. The program is also followed by several programs designed by FK UNS students, for example, “Kenal Siranap” (Introduce Siranap) program. Group D4 KKN Thematic FK UNS initiated this program under the supervision of Dr. Yulia Sari as the Field Supervisor (DPL). The program was implemented on 18 August 2021.

“The Inpatient Information System (Siranap) is an application that provides information on the capacity and the availability of each type of service for Covid patient and non-Covid patient in every hospital. This application is developed by the Ministry of Health through the Ditjen Health Service,” D4 group member KKN, Nahriyati Safira Salsabila, explained on Thursday (26/8/2021).

The program is implemented because there was a spike of Covid-19 patients in several hospitals.

The Spike in Covid-19 Patients, KKN FK UNS Team Intensify Vaccination and Socialization of Siranap to the Community

“In this socialization program, (we) hope that the community participated in vaccination program in the Faculty of Medical Science UNS could understand the Siranap application provided by the government better,” she added.

Following are the stages to access Siranap to check for the availability of beds in hospitals:
1) Download the app through PlayStore or AppStore or by visiting  https://yankes.kemkes.go.id/app/siranap/ website
2) Select Covid-19 or non-Covid 19 service
3) Then select the province, district/city, and click Search
4) List of the hospital will appear

“The vaccination participants were enthusiastic in listening to the socialization conducted by Team D4 KKN. Besides direct socialization, we will also distribute information on Siranap through social media, the Instagram of each group member, two days after the event. Hopefully, this event can benefit (the participants),” the D4 KKN Group team leader, Okta Kurnia Lutfia stated.

Group D4 KKN Thematic FK UNS hoped that serbuan vaksinasi program and Siranap socialization could help the government fight the Covid-19 pandemic and disseminate the information on the facility provided by the government for the community to get optimum healthcare. Humas UNS

Reporter: Bayu Aji Prasetya
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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