UNS — As many as 2.043 participants passed the National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta in 2023. The announcement of the SNBP 2023 was carried out simultaneously nationally on Tuesday (28/3/2023).

Nationally, there are 663.181 SNBP applicants in 2023 and 143.805 accepted. Of the number that passed, 44.928 students were holders of Indonesia Smart College Cards (KIP-Kuliah). The number of interested parties in UNS Study Program on SNBP 2023 is 35.794 (increasing 22.34% compared to 2022 of 29.257). The number of people who passed the selection process was 2.043 and 756 people (37%) of them were KIP-Kuliah holders.

In the press conference held at the G.P.H. Haryo Mataram Auditorium UNS, Tuesday (28/3/2023), the Rector of UNS, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho was accompanied by the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs UNS, Prof. Ahmad Yunus and Head of UPT SPMB UNS, Prof. Hadiwiyono said that UNS ranked 9th out of 20 PTNs with the most applicants for the SNBP2023. There were 2.043 who passed the selection through the SNBP UNS 2023. This number increased from those accepted in 2022 as many as 1.635 people, with details of 1.653 from the undergraduate program and 390 from the Diploma 3 and 4 Programs. In the undergraduate program, 786 participants passed in the Science and Technology group and 867 participants passed in the Soshum group. Meanwhile in the Diploma 3 and 4 Programs, 150 participants passed in the Science and Technology group and 240 participants passed in the Soshum group.

“The Competitiveness Index (AKP) of SNBP UNS has increased from 1:18 (2022) to 1:20 (2023),” Prof. Jamal explained.

The UNS Pharmacy study program has succeeded in being ranked in the top 20 in the national level of rigor in the science and technology sector which occupies the 18th position with a competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:67. In the Undergraduate Program there are 10 Study Programs (Prodi) at UNS with the highest stringency in the field of Science including Pharmacy with a competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:67, Midwifery with a competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:50, Informatics with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:46, Medicine with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:40, Psychology with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:35, Electrical Engineering with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:27, Industrial Engineering with a competitiveness index (AKP) ) 1:27, Regional and City Planning (PWK) with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:25, Food Science and Technology with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:25, and Civil Engineering with a competitiveness index (AKP) 1:21.

For 10 Study Programs at UNS Undergraduate Program with the highest stringency in the SNBP 2023 in the Social and Human Resources field consecutively from the strictest, they are Management with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:58, Communication Studies with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:51, Digital Business with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:44, Accounting with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:38, Guidance and Counseling with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:36, Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:31 , International Relations with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:29, State Administration Science with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:25, English Department  with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:25, Education of Indonesian, Regional Language and Literature with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:22.

In the Diploma 3 and 4 Programs, the 10 study programs with the highest stringency were D3 pharmacy with competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:23, D3 Occupational Safety and Health with competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:21, D3 Business Management with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:19, D3 Informatics Engineering with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:17, D3 Midwifery with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:17, D3 Taxation with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:14, D3 Administration Management with competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:14, D3 Mechanical Engineering with competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:12, D3 Tourism Business with competitiveness index (AKP) of 1:11, and D3 Accounting with competitiveness index (AKP) 1:11.

“Participants who pass the SNBP 2023 must register by filling in their biodata from March 29 to April 11, 2023. Participants who do not register are considered disqualified. Participants who have passed the SNBP 2023 are not allowed to register for the UTBK and SNBT 2023,” Prof. Jamal said.

Students who do not pass the SNBP 2023 still have the opportunity to register for the Computer-Based Examination (UTBK) and take part in the Test-Based National Selection (SNBT) 2023. Information regarding the requirements and procedures for the 2023 UTBK can be seen on the https://snpmb.bppp page .kemdikbud.go.id/.

“UNS also gives students the opportunity to take part in the selection through the UNS Independent Selection (SM-UNS) 2023. For further information, please visit the SPMB UNS website, http://spmb.uns.ac.id,” he concluded. HUMAS UNS

Reporter: Rangga Pangestu Adji

Editor: Dwi Hastuti

Translator: Mifta Muriska

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