UNS — The Ecoxyztem Venture Builder, in cooperation with the EU Delegation for Indonesia and Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Innovation Hub, under the Climate Innovation League program dissemination framework, held a roadshow and talkshow on the Climate Innovation League entitled “Escalating Ecopreneurs to be the Catalyst of Green Economy Transition” on Wednesday (22/6/2022). The event was held at Building 3, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNS, and was broadcasted online through the Zoom Meeting application.

This event aims to encourage more entrepreneurs that offer environmental problems solutions, which was attended by more than 200 participants both virtually and on-site. The attending participants were not only UNS students but also students from other cities such as Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta, and Purwokerto. Other than students, start-up business activists in Surakarta also attended the event.

The Climate Innovation League Roadshow was the first roadshow that was also attended by the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Affairs UNS, Prof. Dr. Kuncoro Diharjo, S.T., M.T., who openly supports all kinds of entrepreneurial activities, especially those currently carried out by UNS Innovation Hub, which focuses on developing established and new start-ups.

Prof. Kuncoro Diharjo expressed his gratitude and support for this event. “We are very grateful for the support and cooperation provided by the European Union and Ecoxyztem for choosing UNS to be one of the dissemination sites for an environmental business or climate change-related insight,” said Prof. Kuncoro in his remarks.

UNS Collaborates with EU and Ecoxyztem in Developing Environmental Entrepreneurship in Surakarta

Further, Prof. Kuncoro said that UNS is currently focusing on developing a green campus concept. “We are highly enthusiastic about all the innovations and potential for cooperation to be conducted, which allows students to devote their best potential to providing service to the community and the earth,” he said.

The program invites youth to develop business innovations in four sectors, namely sustainable transportation and renewable energy, circular economy and responsible resource usage, sustainable environmental development, and green industry transition, as well as climate reporting and funding management.

Henriette Faergemann, as First Counsellor Environment, Climate Action, ICT at the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, explained the EU green deal roadmap. “In the EU green deal or EU Green Deal roadmap, European countries will aim to achieve climate-neutral plan by 2050 through economic transformation. This target will be implemented simultaneously with a sustainable development process with international partners, especially the government and the people of Indonesia, to collaboratively encourage global climate action,” he said.

He added that the EU Green Deal could be formed on demand to develop a better and more sustainable life and health. Solo was chosen as the first city to hold a roadshow due to its rapid innovation, start-up business development, and technology development. With the potential of the existing start-ups’ growth, this current situation can be the initial force for innovation development towards environmental solutions.

Jonathan Davy, CEO of Ecoxyztem, said that he saw a significant start-ups’ development in Surakarta. “Regarding the start-ups’ development, it will be wonderful if we from Ecoxyztem can collaborate with policy stakeholders, such as UNS, as the center for the next generation of ecopreneurs education. Healthy infrastructure for start-ups growth in Solo must be supported with good collaboration with industrial practitioners, thus, emerging environmental innovations will be more applicable to solve the problems,” Jonathan said.

UNS Collaborates with EU and Ecoxyztem in Developing Environmental Entrepreneurship in Surakarta

The event concluded with a talkshow entitled “Ecopreneur: Unlock Opportunities to Respond to Environmental Issues.” The talkshow invited three speakers, including Yosephin Yayi Utari as Marketing Officer Xurya as well as Putri Solo III 2022, Emir Hartri Putra as Program and Community Lead Impalla Space, and Miftah Faridl Widhagdha as Managing Director Prospect Institute.

The invited speakers and participants agreed that Surakarta has the same opportunities as several other major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya, especially for entrepreneurial opportunities and has an impact on the wider community. One of the invited speakers, Miftah Faridl Widhagdha, presented his experience in establishing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultants for mining companies. “That experience provides me with a perspective that currently, there is an actual decentralized trend for service providers and impactful solutions. Jakarta is already too full of business people, now it’s time for Solo start-ups to rise, by taking part in the Climate Innovation League competition,” said Miftah, Managing Director of Prospect Institute. Humas UNS

Reporter: Zalfaa Azalia Pursita
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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