The Faculty of Law was founded on March 11, 1976 based on the Presidential Decree Number 10/1976. Initially this faculty opened three departments of Undergraduate level, namely: Penal Law Department, Civil Law Department, and State Structure Law Department.

Doctoral Programs

  1. Law Science

Master Programs

  1. Law Science
  2. Notary

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Law Science
    At the present this faculty has only 1 (one) study program, which is the study program of Law Science. In accordance with the Decree of the Rector of Universitas Sebelas Maret Number 162/J27/PP/1999 the study program has been developed to encompass seven sections, namely: (a) Civil Law Section, (b) State Structure Section, (c) Civil Law Section, (d) State Administration Section, (e) International Law Section, (f) Law and Community Section, and (g) Procedure Law Section.

Diploma Programs

  1. Demography and Civil Administration Study (4 yrs.)