At the time of the establishment of UNS, it consisted of two faculties: Teacher Training Faculty and Education Science Faculty. Both of the faculties were merged from two higher education institutions which were named The State Institute of Teacher Training and Education of Surakarta and State Sports College of Surakarta prior to the establishment of UNS. Both faculties were merged into one under the name of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in 1982 based on the Presidential Decree Number 55 Year 1982 on the Organizational Structure of Universitas Sebelas Maret. This faculty is one of the faculties within the sphere of UNS which are expected to be able to generate the manpower in the field of education with intelligent and strong characters at the regional, the national, and the international levels. This faculty is also designated as the coordinator of Teacher Certification Program in Rayon 13 of Central Java.

Doctoral Programs

  1. Indonesian Language Education
  2. Education Science
  3. Natural Science Education

Master Programs

  1. Economic Education
  2. History Education
  3. Education Technology
    Main Interest: a. Educational Technology; b. Medical Education;
  4. Indonesian Language Education
  5. English Education
  6. Mathematics Education
  7. Science Education
  8. Population and Environmental Education
    Concentration: a. Demography and Environmental Education; b. Geography Education;
  9. Javanese Education
  10. Elementary School Teacher Education
  11. Non Formal Education
  12. Art Education

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Physics Education
  2. Chemistry Education
  3. Biology Education
  4. Mathematics Education
  5. Mechanical Engineering Education
  6. Structural Engineering Education
  7. Informatics and Computer Engineering Education
  8. Physical Health and Recreation Education
  9. Sport Coaching Education
  10. History Education
  11. Pancasila and Civics Education
  12. Economics Education
  13. Geography Education
  14. Sociology Anthropology Education
  15. Accounting Education
  16. Office Administration Education
  17. Special Education
  18. Elementary School Teacher Education
  19. Guidance and Counseling Education
  20. Early Childhood Education
  21. Indonesian Language and Literature Education
  22. English Language Education
  23. Fine Art Education
  24. Javanese Language Education
  25. Science Education