UNS — The Minister of Investment/the Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) of the Republic of Indonesia, Bahlil Lahadalia, made a significant investment in Miyago Naknan (Mie Ayam Goreng Enak Tenan – Truly Delicious Fried Chicken Noodle), earning 50% shares of the business. Miyago Naknan is a fried chicken noodle business owned by Muhammad Alfied Pandam Pamungkas, a student of the Diploma (D-3) in Mandarin Language Study Program, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Vocational School (SV), Surakarta.

He started the chicken noodle business in high school and continued until today in his university study. After running for 1.5 years, Pandam’s business finally got fresh funding from Bahlil. The investment was offered by Bahlil to Miyago Naknan after a short discussion at the end of a public lecture held at the UNS G.P.H. Haryo Mataram Auditorium Building Wednesday (18/5/2022). Bahlil intention to invest in Miyago Naknan begins when he invites UNS students who have initiated business for a short exchange with him. There were four students who talked directly with Bahlil, one of whom was Pandam.

“That business was started in high school, offering the meal to friends during recess but using a pre-order system. After enrolling in UNS and waiting for new student admission announcement, I opened this business and did not expect these great offers,” Pandam said when introducing Miyago Naknan’s profile to Bahlil. He said that the revenue he received from selling fried chicken noodles was enough to fund his tuition fee and the business operations. Pandam, who got a lucky chance to talk with Bahlil, then told him that he already had three Miyago Naknan outlets. However, the outlet located in Solo Baru, Sukoharjo Regency, needs additional funding for around Rp 30 million for its second-floor construction.

“So the plan was to use the ground or first floor as a parking lot, and the second floor as the place to eat. Because the place is located right on the side of the road and it’s noisy,” Pandam said. Hearing Pandam’s confession on the amount of turnover he earned, Bahlil then offered to become an investor at Miyago Naknan. Pandam, who was surprised at first, was puzzled when asked how much he would offer to Bahlil. However, in the end, Bahlil decided to invest and capitalize on 50 percent of Miyago Naknan’s shares through one of his firm’s subsidiaries.

When contacted by uns.ac.id, Pandam claimed that he was also assisted by Bahlil to obtain various certifications such as BPOM, Halal, and Brand Patent licenses. “Hopefully, this can inspire fellow UNS students and make Indonesia have a ‘double-digit‘ number of entrepreneurs to compete globally,” Pandam said.

Who Is Pandam?
Pandam’s figure has been reported by uns.ac.id before. His name began to be known when Miyago Naknan, a business he established during his high school period, managed to obtain funding for the Vocational Student Entrepreneurship Program (PWMV) from the Directorate of Higher Vocational and Professional Education, Directorate General of Vocational Education Kemdikbudristek.

With this outstanding achievement, Pandam received a total of Rp 10 million funding from the PWMV in 2021. This fund was deployed for Miyago Naknan’s development. It should be noted that this fried chicken noodle business has been around since September 2020. Under the name Miyago Naknan, Pandam started selling chicken noodles after graduating from high school. The reason is quite simple, he wants to fill his spare time with useful activities while waiting for the new student admission announcement. And, from his ‘boredom,’ it turns out that Miyago Naknan managed to get a very good response from the community.

Now, Miyago Naknan is not only available for dine-in, but can be ordered through online motorcycle taxi apps/food delivery apps, such as GoFood, Grab Food, and Shopee Food. In fact, from only having one outlet, Miyago Naknan is now able to have a branch. The Main Miyago Naknan outlet is located south of the Bacem Bridge, precisely on Jalan Raya Telukan, Hamlet II, Grogol, Sukoharjo. Meanwhile, two other Miyago Naknan branches are located on Jalan Major Sunaryo No. 43 Sukoharjo and at Vokafetaria UNS Vocational School, Tirtomoyo, Surakarta.

“Finally, I collected some courage to open a business, the outcome was beyond expectations, the community’s response was quite good and welcomed Miyago’s products well. We hope to provide excellent services and create Miyago that is delicious or flavorful,” Pandam said.

Other than Pandam, there are three other students who also received investment from the Minister of Investment/Head of BKPM RI, Bahlil Lahadalia. They are Nathania Almira Chiesa (2020 Biology Education FKIP UNS) with Korean clothing and trinkets business, Muhammad Lutfi Choirul Ummam (Interior Design FSRD UNS) with his barbershop business, and Martha Arum Nugraheni (Alumnus of the Faculty of Agriculture UNS) with functional food business “Bismart.” Humas UNS

Reporter: YCA Sanjaya
Editor: Dwi Hastuti

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