Developing EM SIAB Tools, Ratih Ready to Compete on the National Most Outstanding Student Program 2018

UNS – The Most Outstanding Student Election, which is also known as the Mawapres Program, is one of the prestigious programs organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) as a tribute to the exemplary students of all universities under the auspices of DIKTI.

Ratih Rahmatika, the 6th-semester student of the Electrical Engineering Department of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta represents UNS in the National Most Outstanding Student within the undergraduate level. She represents UNS to join the event after writing her paper entitled ‘Energy Monitoring and Clean Water Alert (EM SIAB)’ which was qualified and successfully passed several stages of the elections of the Most Outstanding Student Election in the level of the study program, faculty, and university level.

Ratih Rahmatika

Ratih Rahmatika, a representative of UNS in the National Most Outstanding Student within the undergraduate level.

EM SIAB is an Internet of Thing-based tool and application that is functioned to monitor water quality and its distribution and also to re-motorize real-time automation for 24 hours. She explained that EM SIAB is useful to monitor the quality and the distribution of clean water based on the internet of Thing for 24 hours.

This system is a development tool of Ratih’s previous tool that also ever won a certain competition. However, in this Mawapres Program, Ratih creates a new innovation of the automatic recycle system that has been arranged based on water quality standards from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) when the tool detects an imbalance PH, turbidity, and temperature. This tool has been tested on five to ten water samples from Bengawan Solo River.

Energy Monitoring and Clean Water Alert (EM SIAB) prototype

Energy Monitoring and Clean Water Alert (EM SIAB) prototype

Ratih’s achievement cannot be separated from various obstacles that she has experienced such as repetitive failure trials, searching for coding and referencing materials that are not yet taught in the classroom, and equipment damage or fire. However, with the assistance and support of her supervisor, Eri Andriyanto, Ratih is able to create EM SIAB tool that brings her to be one of the most student program candidates in national level.

“In the beginning, I often joined the organization that made me personally sensitive to the environment and initiated to solve problems in accordance with the science I’ve gotten during my study in Electrical Engineering Department. I hope that this tool is able to monitor the availability of clean water in Indonesia and to overcome the clean water crisis in rural areas,” Ratih explained.

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