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Si Budi Comic, A Media to Improve Financial Literacy by UNS Students

By October 11, 2020 No Comments

UNS — Six students of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta created financial literacy media in the form of a comic which aims to teach financial literacy to children at the elementary school (SD). These six students are Rizal Galih Pradana from the Psychology Program Faculty of Medical Science (FK), Aldi Rosyid Rahmadi from Environmental Science Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMIPA), Anggit Daneswara Purbaningru from Mathematics Program FMIPA, Arzi Dwiky Kusumo, Dewi Anisa Nurjanah from Economics Education Program Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), and Alivia Amadea Theodora from Psychology Program FK UNS.

Rizal Galih Pradana as team leader stated that their comic is given the name of “Si Budi” which tells Budi and his sister, Ani, as the main characters.

“The comic shows Budi and Ani solving their financial problems. This comic consists of 3 series with the theme of extravagance in series 1, saving up in series 2, and financial management in series 3. In each series, various simple financial challenges are provided and a scannable Quick Response Code for students to get a podcast from the comic,” he explained in an interview with uns.ac.id on Saturday (3/10/2020).

He added that his team choose comic as media to communicate because children are more interested in illustrated media compared to written media.

“Our consideration in choosing comic media is because it provides more pictures or visuals compared to writing. Visual media is easier for children to understand so that it can deliver the message of financial literacy which tend to be abstract in a more concrete form. So that children know what finance is like, how to manage their finance,” he added.

Rizal and his team who collaborated in Student Creativity Program for Community Service (PKM M) explained that they choose comic and podcast because children have different characteristics in absorbing information. They provided comic for children who learn from visual media and podcast for children who learn from auditory media. For children who learn from the kinesthetic model, the creator provided challenges in the comic.

“We hope to register this comic to get Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN) so that it will be available in the National Library. So, hopefully, it can be used as a media in the curriculum to teach financial literacy for children. Using this media, hopefully, children financial literacy can be increased so that consumptive behavior will decrease, when they have good behavior this will accumulate unto their adulthood,” Rizal concluded. Humas UNS

Reporter: Bayu Aji Prasetya
Editor: Dwi Hastuti