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Student of FISIP UNS held a Socialization and Education on the Danger of Covid-19 to Elementary School Students

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UNS — The student of State Administration Science Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Gaza Daffa Redfada, held Covid-19 pandemic Volunteer Response by socializing and educating elementary school students on the danger of Sars-Cov-2 infection on 22 and 24 August 2020.

Under the supervision from Field Supervisor (DPL), Drs. Wahyu Nurharjadmo, Gaza activity in Community Service Program (KKN) UNS Covid-19 held in SD Negeri Kudaile 01, Slawi Subdistrict, Tegal District, Jawa Tengah.

In his official release, Gaza stated that this event is held to raise awareness on the Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (Pola Hidup Bersih dan Sehat – PHBS) for the Elementary School students during the Covid-19 pandemic. While teaching in SD Negeri Kudaile 01, Gaza, divided the class into two groups to apply health protocol set by the government.

“The activity was conducted for two days to obey the health protocols. Students are divided into shifts to maintain physical distance, for example, students with attendance number 1-15 go to school in Friday and student with number 16-25 go to school on Monday,” Gaza explained, Saturday (12/9/2020).

Gaza stated that this activity is a part of Corona Ampuh Program he prepared. Through this program, Gaza wants to emphasize the way to maintain health during Covid-19 pandemic, the correct way of wearing mask/face shield, and provide an understanding of the health protocols from the government. The learning and socialization on Covid-19 were conducted through playtime and singing to adjust with student’s age. Thus, the message can be received well by the students.

Gaza attention to the SD Negeri Kudaile 01 students received a good response. The headmaster of SD Negeri Kudaile 01, Sukarmin, appreciated the socialization and education conducted by Gaza. He stated that this activity is very beneficial for students in his school to always be vigilant and take care of yourself so that you can avoid the danger of Sars-Cov-2 transmission, especially for early childhood. He also stated that a similar program is needed by his school and other schools

Besides socialization and education, Gazza also held several other activities in Covid-19 pandemic Volunteer Response, among others literacy and education on Covid-19, understanding the implementation of the new normal adaptation period, and Zagzeg Dupak Corona program which is a fast response program against Covid-19 through concrete actions to help provide health protocol facilities/tools to the community and help village governments distribute social assistance to the community. Humas UNS

Reporter: Yefta Christopherus AS
Editor: Dwi Hastuti