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Taking an Internship in Adhi Karya, a Student from the Faculty of Law (FH) UNS Understand of the Importance of Learning Rather Than Slacking-off

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UNS – For several students, the time break between semester is mostly used for returning home, vacationing with friends, shopping, or even just lazing around. However, this is not the case for a student from the Bachelor of Law Study Program, Faculty of Law (FH) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Muhammad Ihza Ukasyah.

Uka—a familiar greeting for him—chose to use his semester break time to do an internship in PT. Adhi Karya. During the internship, Uka is placed in the legal division of PT. Adhi Karya.

“It was started like this, this semester it happened that I will be on vacation and have no activity. Since I knew I would just lazing around, I finally decided to look for activities ranging from a plan for an internship to joining an English village program,” said Uka to uns.ac.id, on Tuesday (4/2/2020).

When asked regarding the reasons for choosing to do an independent internship at PT. Adhi Karya, Uka who is a 6th-semester student stated that PT. Adhi Karya that operates in construction has a similarity with his parent occupation as a contractor. Moreover, during his internship in the State-owned enterprise (SOE), Uka is learning more about the problems in a construction service company.

The problems in the real working world certainly are not proportional to the material taught by a lecturer in class. Certain problems need special technique and strategy, thus it can be resolved properly. This is also what was felt by Uka, during his internship in PT. Adhi Karya, Uka increasingly understands how teamwork in a company works and problem-solving.

“There was plenty of relevance from my study. Accidentally, in the last semester, I got a lecture on Commercial Justice and during the internship, I was asked to prepare a timeline for a Deferment of Debt Payment Obligations (Penundaan Kewajiban Pembayaran Utang – PKPU) and also about bankruptcy. I also got a lecture in Education and Training of Law Proficiency (PLKH), which taught me about how to prepare a power of attorney letter. Lastly, there was also a course in Legal contract and Alternative Dispute Resolution (APS) that I can implement during my internship,” Uka said.

Uka seems extremely happy to be able to share his internship experience in one of the reputable SOEs in Indonesia. For him, the decision to do an internship is the best way to implement the knowledge he learns during his study.

Through this experience, Uka reminded his colleagues’ students to be encouraged to take every opportunity as learning material. Even though during the process there will be obstacles or failure, he believes that every obstacle and failure is a normal occurrence. By quoting Buya Hamka, Uka said that failure is a step to learn new things.

Moreover, he reminded that there is one thing that should be remembered during the internship is to actively ask. This aims, to clarify the job desk and increase knowledge, and to broaden network during the internship.

“Buya Hamka said do not afraid to fall because those who never climb is the one who never falls. Do not fear failure, because those who never fail are the ones that never take further steps. Do not fear mistake, because through our first mistake we can improve our knowledge to find the correct way on our second try,” he said. Humas UNS/Yefta