Three Best Applications by UNS Students for Healthy and Efficient Lifestyle

UNS – In order to maintain the health and lifestyle properly, Diploma Program of Informatics Engineering (TI) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta created some health and lifestyle monitoring applications which got the best title in the Smart IT Fest 2018 event.

Daily Calorie, the calorie counter

The Daily Calorie application is invented by Alif Bintoro. This health application will guide you to provide a menu according to the number of calories in a period of 1x 24 hours based on age, height, weight, gender, and level of activity carried out. Thus, you can find out the number of calories every time you eat food through the daily chart in this application. You just have to log in then fill in the data correctly (name, email, password, gender, date of birth, height, weight). After registered, the user can calculate the calorie from the first time the application used.

Monlis, Electric Bill Monitor

Monlis is a monitoring of Web and Android-based power usage and electricity bills. This product was designed by Abdul Latief Asep N and Atsalis Difa Ila Fattah. Using the IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Monlis can inform you how much electricity you use. So, it allows you to know how to optimize energy in the house to reduce excessive electricity consumption. The following procedures connect the sensor with the home electrical panel then the sensor measures the voltage and electric current. Voltage and current data will be processed to generate electricity bills and costs in real time. The data will be displayed on the web for administrators and applications for users

Feed the Mammals, Augmented Reality Game (AR) Education

For those who want to walk to the zoo without any charge, you can try Feed the Mammals application created by Yanuar Arif Ramadhan. This application is an Augmented Reality (AR)-based game that will introduce you to typical Indonesian animals and their food without spending a lot of time and money. The application displays various kinds of animals in 3D. Users can interact directly and feed the animal. Yanuar said that this application was made to support the operation of Surakarta Smart Park.

Diploma Program of Informatics Engineering (TI) Lecturer of UNS Yudho Yudhanto said that the awarding of the best titles in the three works was based on the results of the assessment of lecturers and experts in IT and testimonials from Smart IT Fest 2018 visitors who have tried the application as well. Furthermore Yudho added that the work of Diploma Program of TI students will be registered to HAKI to obtain the copyright. “We want to protect children’s work. This can be their portfolio, which proves that they are able to make IT innovation products,” Yudho said. humas-red.uns/Ath/Dty

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