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Two UNS Alumni Achieve Master Degree from Gifu University of Japan

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UNS – Two alumni of Agrotechnology Department of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta Muhammad Arifin and Aini Nurjanah successfully completed their master’s program at Gifu University in Japan, Wednesday (10/25/2019). Located in the Conference Room of Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, the graduation certificate was handed over directly by the Dean of Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University of Japan, Prof. Makoto Sugiyama.

Muhammad Arifin said, Gifu University inaugurated the students twice a year in March and September. In this period of September, five students of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences from Japan (2), Indonesia (2), and Bangladesh (1) were inaugurated. The graduation ceremony was quite short but solemn. It began with an opening by the master of ceremony, then continued with the speech and direction presented by the dean regarding the vision and the philosophy of Gifu University written in kanji. It was ended with the handing over of graduation certificates to the graduates titled Master of Applied Biological Sciences (M.App.Sc).

Muhammad Arifin and Aini Nurjanah, alumni of the Agrotechnology Department of UNS FP year of 2012, started their study at Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology of Gifu University since October 2017. Muhammad Arifin was fully awarded by Japanese government scholarship (MEXT scholarship) and accepted at Gifu University through Advanced Global Program. Topic research for his master was about the flower pollination and the chemical ecology of insects. Meanwhile, Aini Nurjanah was a recipient of a full scholarship from Gifu University (Gifu University private funding) for two years, and one of the recipients of an on-going scholarship (Ouen Shogakusei) for one year from Gifu University. Aini completed her master through two programs at the same time which were the Advanced Global Program and the Basin Water Environmental Leader (BWEL) Program with the topic of research on greenhouse gas emissions from the ground.

Muhammad Arifin added that Gifu University accepted foreign students through several programs. The most common programs are Advanced Global Program (AGP) and Basin Water Environmental Leader (BWEL). AGP offers to study in master and doctoral programs with English based learning. The program encourages students to study critically on the latest science and technology in order to produce highly educated professionals for future leaders at regional and global levels. Another case with BWEL, where the program is aimed at fostering future leaders who can understand environmental issues with a broader view, and commit to utilizing their fields of expertise to plan, formulate solutions and strategic prevention to realize sustainable development. Both of these programs are increasingly enhanced by providing special lectures and internship programs that are accompanied directly by leading experts in relevant research fields from the Asian and global regions, developing student soft skills with discussions and presentations and establishing international cooperation.

“The opportunity to achieve a scholarship for continuing study abroad is everywhere. Further information can be searched in UNS International Office or directly to the Gifu University Office, UNS Postgraduate Building, 5th Floor with UNS-Gifu University liaison officer, Komariah, Ph.D. There are still 7 Doctoral students and 4 Master students consisting of UNS lecturers and alumni who are currently studying at Gifu University, “Muhammad Arifin said, Friday (11/08/2019). Humas UNS/Try