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UNS FSRD Student Receives Award on Semar and Punokawan Millennial Drawing Competition

By June 30, 2020 No Comments

UNS – A student from Fine Art Study Program, the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD), Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta receives a prize of Rp. 6,250,000 from PT. Batik Semar, in the Semar and Punokawan Millennial Drawing Competition, Tuesday (23/6/2020).

The competition that was held through the online system, is a collaboration between PT. Batik Semar and FSRD UNS. The objective is to enhance the creativity of UNS Fine Art Study Program students during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

When contacted by uns.ac.id through a short message service, Sartika Ayu Andari, one of the recipients of the reward, explains that the event is designed for the active students in Fine Art Study Program from all classes. Furthermore, the contest results will be reduced to 10 winners in 2 different categories. The students who passed the selection to be in the top 10 are Kharisma Putri, Gagah Bella Alhaq, Niken Dewi Saputri, Noni Rinjani, Anita Chyntia Dewi, Aprilia Tri Hapsari, Dani Arianto, Anggista Citra Pita Sari, Sartika Ayu Andari, and Anung Chrispanjalu.

“The first category is to make Punakawan figures with a millennial style, while the second category is to make Semar figure in a millennial style,” explains Sartika.

In the process, Sartika, who participated in the Semar Millennial category claimed that it took her 6 days to complete the design. The reason for choosing Semar was because she wanted her design to be used as the mascot/statue of PT. Batik Semar.

“Around 6 days, because the announcement (red: the competition) was released on April 12th, and the deadline was on April 18th. I think the difficulty lies in how to design a character without eliminating its original character. The students have various ways of working on their designs. There are some who did it directly in digital format and the other choose to first draw their design manually on paper and then edited on a PC / laptop,” Sartika continues.

Although during the process, she was required to be focus to finish her Final Examination (UAS), Sartika revealed that she is pleased with her participation in this contest.

For her, finding ideas the idea of presenting Punakawan’s character designs with millennial feelings is a challenge. Moreover, she also praised the work of her fellow students from the UNS Pure Fine Art Study Program that were equally cool.

“Actually, the most difficult part is to find the idea of how to present a cool Punokawan design but does not eliminate their character. Moreover, there are many contestants who participated in various classes in Fine Art Study Program UNS. I’m happy and proud, I do not expect to reach the top 10, because the designs from the other contestants are excellent,” she concluded. Humas UNS/Yefta/Dwi