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UNS HI Students Awarded as the Best Design and Material in Art Summit 2020

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UNS — Students of International Relations Study Program (HI), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) contributes to the Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) achievement through an infographics design competition “Art Summit 2020”. They are  Khairi Setiawan and Farid Qurota Ayun students of the class of 2019.

The competition is organized by the Indonesian International Relation Student Communication Forum (FKMHII) Regional IV Coordinator, which takes on the topics of ‘Black Lives Matter’. Khairi reveals that they do not have any initial expectation when joining this competition and that they join it on a whim because motivated by their circle of friends.

“At first it was just having fun, and secondly, my friends were participating in several competitions in their respective fields of interest. Thus, I was motivated to participate in a competition,” Khairi wrote to uns.ac.id. on Wednesday (18/11/2020).

Starting from this motivation, Khairi, who also served as communication and information staff in International Relations Student Association (HIMATERS) UNS, decides to participate. Competing in the team, he invites Farid, to join his team. Both agreed to choose the George Floyd topic and discuss its impact on the US and the world. The material for their creation was collected from various online news sites as well as Google Trends data. Division of duties followed after the data collection.

Expressing his gratitude through a separated account, Farid states that he was proud of this achievement. “Of course I am happy, especially this was the first design competition I am participated in as a student. Moreover, I’m also proud of this contribution to the HI UNS achievement, even though it is just at a regional level,” Farid explains.

Further, Farid reveals that this competition brings a shift of point of view regarding pain competition or championship. After joining the competition, he realizes that participants must consider the opportunities and potential within a competition. Once sure someone is confident enough, only then they can adjust their capacity to join a certain competition.

“Do not afraid to sacrifice something to accomplish an achievement, do not forget to be happy, enjoy the process, and one day you will enjoy the result,” Farid said.

Khairi added a message for their student colleagues, “Keep on doing what you like, develop your passion. Because for me, working on something we love will make our life more lively.” Farid concluded. HUMAS UNS

Reporter: Ratri Hapsari
Editor: Dwi Hastuti