UNS Student Achieves Award from Finance Minister of Indonesia

UNS – An application called Perfect by Ratih Rachmatika won the third place on Scientific Paper Competition held by Indonesian Export Financing Institution (Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia or LPEI). The award was given by Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, in Tower of Finance Ministry Jakarta, Sunday (24/9/2018).

Ratih, student of Engineering Faculty Universitas Sebelas Maret (FT UNS), said that she has been through many selections at this competition. First of all, she must submit her paper that later it was chosen along with the four other papers. Then, three chosen papers were presented in front of the judges.

“I don’t think I can be in the third place. I was just coming from doing Community Service Program (KKN) before leaving to Jakarta. I was the one who get the first chance to present my paper,” Ratih said.

Furthermore, Ratih told that she was not confident enough since she was the only one majoring in Engineering. However she could present the paper successfully.

PERFECT or Perishable Food Maturity and Freshness Detector is android-based application focused in identifying the maturity and the freshness of fruits. It can increase the quality perishable export food in Indonesia.

Moreover, Ratih said that PERFECT has some superiorities. It is completed by Perfect Maturity, Perfect Fresh Food, and Perfect Fertilizer. Perfect Maturity is used to identify fruit maturity, Perfect food is used to measure the fruit freshness, and Perfect Fertilizer is used by the farmer to determine the amount of fertilizer.

Perfect is quite easy to used since the user only needs to capture the fruit. Afterward, the picture is cropped to reduce the resolution so it can be easier to measure its maturity and freshness according to fruit skin colour images. Press the ‘process’ button to reveal the result. This application can be used not only by farmer but also by everyone.

“Everyone can use this application to reveal the food quality,” Ratih added.

Ratih hopes that PERFECT can increase the agriculture quality. By using PERFECT, the farmer prevents the crop failure or failed production.

“Hereinafter, I will focus on market strategy for this application,” Ratih said.

On different occasion, Sri Mulyani appreciated the scientific paper competition themed “Export as Indonesia Economy Growth Drive”. She said that this competition was a medium for the students to deliberate the progress on export sector.

“I am glad since LPEI cooperate with some universities in developing studies and recommendation dealing with fostering our export,” Sri Mulyani said.This competition was held to commemorate the ninth anniversary of LPEI. Besides, LPEI conducted national conference entitled “Fostering National Export and Policy Support.” humas.red-uns/Ref/Dty

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