UNS Students Create High Strength Concrete from a Mixture of Andesite Paper and Stone

UNS – Diploma Program students of Civil Engineering Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta succeeded in creating new concrete innovations from a mixture of Andesite and paper waste. Both of these materials are claimed to have a stronger, environmentally friendly and economical effect than the ordinary concrete.

The invention was done by three UNS students namely Girindra Rahman Budiarta, Fajar Indah Nur Hidayana, and Farchan Nova Geraldine.

“We innovate highly strength type concrete, so the compressive is considered quite strong,” Girinda said.

Andesite stone and paper waste containing compounds are required in reinforcing concrete. If they are combined, the concrete saves cement usage around 5-25 percent.

Girinda mentioned that the mixture of the two materials was able to increase the compressive strength to 20 percent of the concrete with ordinary materials. He considered their concrete to be very suitable to be used as a basement foundation. Not only high quality in compressive strength, their concrete innovations are also claimed to be more economical because it is able to save manufacturing costs around 10 percent. Both materials are also relatively easier to obtain.

The concrete made up from a mixture of andesite and paper waste has been tested and contested in a national concrete competition entitled “Warmadewa High Strength Concrete”, Denpasar, Bali on October 27-28. In this event, all Civil Engineering students throughout Indonesia compete to create economical concrete yet still have high quality.

The results of the innovation of the three UNS students successfully won the second place in the competition. They compete with teams from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Sepuluh November Technology Institute (ITS), and Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta (UTP).

In the future, these three UNS students who are the members of the Anjani team intend to develop their concrete innovation results to be better so that it can be applied in sustainable development. humas-red.uns/Ath/Dty

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