Again, VISI Magazine UNS Wins an award in the International Competition

UNS – VISI Magazine released bythe Student Press Agency (known as LPM)VISI of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UniversitasSebelasMaret(UNS) Surakarta won the Best University Magazine categorythrough Immersion Project, Appreciation, and Tribute (IMPACT) event.IMPACT, an annual competition held by the Center for Communication Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), located in Penang, Malaysia, was opened on Monday (12/17/2018) to Wednesday (12/19/2018).

IMPACT heldnot only competitionsbutalso various activities such as Communication Academics Seminar, International Student Discussion Forum, Film Festival, Comparative Study, City Tour, and Cultural Night.LPM VISI sent its latest issue in the form of VISIMagazineof 35th Edition in the Best University Magazine competition. After VISI Magazine Edition 34 won the Best University Magazine in 2017, through VISI Magazine Edition 35, LPM VISI successfully defended again its title in the 2018 IMPACT event.

Entitledthe Solo Colors Existence, VISI Magazine Edition 35 presented various cultural aspects of Solo in each page. The city of Solo, which is the location for making VISI Magazine, did indeed store diverse cultural colors, ranging from the famous Solo Batik to its various cultural festivals.

Kurniandi Darmawan Al-Rasyid as Editor-in-Chief (Editor) of VISI LPM felt happy and proud to see VISI Magazine Edition 35 could maintain its best position among the ranks of Best University Magazine IMPACT 2018 Finalists.

“It’s also great because this championship can be a VISI record that impresses and makes FISIP a name,” Editor-in-Chief LPM VISI,commonly called Andi, explained.

Andi added, VISI Magazine Edition 35 did not have special preparation to participate in IMPACT 2018. The participation of LPM VISI was on the advice and support of Sri Hastjarjo, as the Supervisor of LPM VISI FISIP UNS, after VISI Magazine Edition 35th Edition was published.

Seeing the LPM VISIwinning the Best University Magazine for the second time, Andi hopesLPM VISI management in the future can maintain this championship with a better quality magazine.

In line with Andi, Laila Mei Harini as the General Leader of LPM VISI was also proud and grateful for the victory she won.

“Hopefully this (the achievement of LPM VISI-ed) could be our motivation to continue making more quality magazine content,”she

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