AIESEC Encourages Young Generation to Start Doing Business

UNSAssociation Internationale des Étudiants en Science Économiques et Commerciales (English: International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) Universitas Sebelas Maret (AIESEC UNS) Surakarta organized the annual activities of Youth Speak Forum at Ballroom Hotel Aziza Surakarta on Saturday (05/12/2018). This forum is aimed to promote the “Edge of Youth in Digital Entrepreneurship Collaboration” as a step to hold two programs of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are Decent Work and Economic Growth and Partnership for the Goals.

This activity focused on the encouragement of the young generation, especially UNS students to take part in the business field. There were four young CEOs invited to become the speakers in this event in order to inspire all participants. The speakers are Irvandias Sanjaya (CEO of Design for Dreams), Ryo Juara (CEO and Founder of EVO & DELIVO), Gisneo Pratala (CEO & Founder Wideoboard), and Agustinus Adhityap (CEO Triponyu).

There were 70 participants attended the series of Youth Speak Forum which was divided into two sessions: seminars and workshops. In the workshop session, the participants were divided into groups of five people and asked to create a creative and innovative business idea. The future ideas will be guided to join the national competence of Youth Speak Summit.

“Their ideas can be submitted a week before the due date of the national competition. Then, our partner will choose one of the best ideas and they can go to Jakarta,” Tara explained.

Gisneo explained that when people start their businesses, they need to know the reasons for choosing their business. He added that business should be based on people’s interest.

“Do your business based on something you love, you should know about why you have to be here and why you don’t have to be there. Do not do something we’re not good at, “Gisneo said.

This statement motivated all of the participants especially Rahmi, Industrial Engineering UNS students, that gave her new perspective to do something based on her talents and interests.

“I felt more daring to not just become a worker after joining this forum. If we have passion, we need to do it. We don’t need to be the ‘usual’ person,” Rahmi told.

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