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Bule Masuk Kampung, Hadiluwih People Learn Diversity

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SRAGEN – It is easier for people in Hadiluwih village to say Hadiluwih’s villagers is easier to say Bule Masuk Kampung rather than “Overseas Student Goes to Village”, which was held on November 8-9, 2013. Hadiluwih people learn a lot about the meaning of diversity.

hadiluwihIn conducting the implementation of Overseas Student Goes to Village program activities at that time, the International Office was assisted by Forum SilaturahimPemuda Islam (FSPI) of Hadiluwih village; the committee felt proud and supported this activity.

The chairman of FSPI Hadiluwih, Agus Toto Tribuwono, said that one of the benefits of this activity is to learn the beauty of diversity. He said, “One of the benefits for our village is that our village can learn the beauty of diversity. It is religious diversity, ethnic diversity, language diversity, which blend together in Hadiluwih village”.

Through By this event, Hadiluwihpeople expect that not only foreign students who learned Indonesian and Javanese culture, but also people in the village learn about living this event became one of the means for citizens to learn how to live together in diversity.

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