CDC UNS and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Introduced MIKTA to Students

UNS – Career Development Center Universitas Sebelas Maret (CDC UNS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia held a talk show entitled MIKTA Goes to Campus that took place in the Auditorium of UNS on Tuesday (17/4/2018). The main purpose of MIKTA Goes to Campus was to introduce MIKTA to the public especially the students.

Mikta Goes to Campus

Speakers explained the definition and the aims of MIKTA briefly, moderated by Paramita Rahayu, UNS lecturer

Sutarno (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs UNS), Febrian A. Ruddyard (Director General for Multilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia), Armando Gonzalo (Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Mexican States to the Republic of Indonesia), Jeon Jo-Young (in charge of Political Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Korean in Jakarta), Scott Bradford (Second Secretary of the Embassy of Australia in Jakarta ), Iwan Yahya (UNS Professor), Shofwan Al Banna Choiruzzad (Head of International Relation Undergraduate Program of the University of Indonesia), and 400 students attended this event.

Creating a Creative Economy and Contributing to Global Peace became the topic of the talk show. MIKTA is the name for partnership forum between Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia. Sutarno said that by attending the talk show, the students can have an opportunity to know about MIKTA and especially can share knowledge about creative economy and global peace.

“It can be an opportunity for us to share many knowledge and initiative regarding the creative economy and the global peace through this talk show. UNS is very aware especially of the connection between knowledge and creativity. We are also trying to take part in how to encourage staffs and students here to increase their ability in case of creative industry. In case of the creative economy, we are very eager and will have any kind of partnership between UNS and any other partners including MIKTA countries within academic terms,” Sutarno explained.

 Febrian A. Ruddyard (left) and Sutarno (right) when discussing about MIKTA brief explanation’s book

Febrian A. Ruddyard (left) and Sutarno (right) when discussing about MIKTA brief explanation’s book

“We want to encourage students to know about MIKTA so that they will be able to support us. MIKTA is a room among nations. We are not an organization. We grow together with people including academicians,” Febrian A. Ruddyard explained MIKTA.

Scott Bradford also explained that as a partnership forum and not an organization, MIKTA is a flexible forum. He said that MIKTA is interesting because the different countries can work together and fulfill global issues, for example, in case of creating peace and facing economic matters.

“During our establishment in 2013, we already faced some global issues, for example, we ever helped to develop education during an educational crisis in the certain nation,” Scott Bradford added.

In the future, MIKTA still has some challenges to face for example leading and supporting peace and economic growths, continuing the existing programs, and keeping relevant between countries.

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