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Covid-19 Taskforce visited RS UNS to Discuss the Readiness for Covid-19

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UNS – The threat of Covid-19 in Indonesia has reached an alarming level. Based on the observation on infeksiemerging.kemenkes.go.id site, Thursday (19/3/2020), 17.00 WIB (Western Indonesia Time), the number of Covid-19 positive patients were 309 people, with a note that 25 persons died and 1,651 were in the testing process.

To slow down the spread of Covid-19, the Indonesian government is taking various measures. One of which is preparing hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients, patients under surveillance (PDP), and person under monitoring (ODP). Through the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), 10 hospitals of Public Universities (PTN) are encouraged to prepare the infrastructure to become a referral hospital for Covid-19. One of which is UNS Hospital.

To follow up on the request from Kemenkes, prompt actions were taken by UNS Hospital by preparing service personnel, infrastructure facilities including isolation rooms, and consumable medical materials for the examination and treatment of Covid-19 patients in accordance with WHO and Kemenkes standard.

The spokesman of Covid-19 taskforce for UNS Hospital, dr. Tonang Dwi Ardyanto, Sp.PK., Ph.D., stated that UNS Hospital has established a task force to handle people who are indicated to have contracted Covid-19

“UNS Hospital has established Covid-19 taskforce to coordinate service measures for patients indicated (to have contracted) Covid-19. The preparations include Human Resources, facilities and infrastructure, medicines, and consumables. The processes are dynamic, adjusted to the development (of the situation),” dr. Tonang explained.

When asked about the number of medical personnel prepared in the UNS Hospital Covid-19 taskforce, dr. Tonang stated that the task force is supported by more than 50 people that include medical personnel, nurses, health workers, support staff, and administrative staff.

On Covid-19 examination in UNS Hospital, dr. Tonang explained that UNS Hospital will conduct the examination on people with suspected Covid-19 gradually. Starting from interview to mucus sampling test in the respiratory tract or mucus swab.

“Covid-19 suspect examination is performed gradually. Starting from the interview process, physical examination, and laboratory examination, and if needed radiology. From this test, it will be decided if (they are) included in the suspect category, then (we) need to perform a swab examination of the nasopharynx and oropharynx. UNS Hospital conducts examination according to these stages and according to the availability of media and swab tools,” he continued.

If UNS Hospital found that the examined person is included in the PDP category afterward, UNS Hospital will immediately perform a treatment for PDP in the isolation room. Then UNS Hospital will conduct a swab test to test the virus. PDP will continue to be monitored by UNS Hospital on a daily basis until they are tested negative and PDP is recovered.

Concerning the availability of isolation rooms, UNS Hospital has prepared 5 isolation rooms with selective use according to condition. With the availability of these five isolation rooms, dr. Tonang confirmed that UNS Hospital readiness is in line with Kemenkes request as a referral hospital and that UNS Hospital is ready to take an active role in assisting the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“A referral hospital in the Covid-19 concept is a hospital that is expected to become a place to refer patients who need further treatment. UNS Hospital also develops coordination and close collaboration with the Public Health Office and other hospitals to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic together.” Humas UNS/ Yefta