Encouraging Student to Study in the US, UNS Launches IO Study Aboard

UNS – International Office (IO) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta launched IO Study Aboard with the theme of “Study in the US: Presentation of Studies Program and Scholarship”, Tuesday (13/11/2018) in Meeting Room 2, Rectorat Building UNS. In this sharing session, they collaborated with Education USA, American Embassy Jakarta to share information about study and scholarship education in the US.

In the sharing session, the material was delivered by Muhammad Iqbal, an Advisor of Education USA, United States (US) Embassy. He explained several information related to master program in US such as the education system, universities and indeed scholarship programs along with the tips to achieve them.

“Education USA itself is an institution which purposed to give information to the students who want to study in US. We often deliver education information, like Fulbright Scholarship or other exchange programs,” Iqbal explained.

Moreover, he explained about technical things like the requirement, facilities0, and also tuition fee system there. According to him, most of the students failed to win scholarship due to lack of confidence. They are sometime afraid to compete in the international level, so that the students must be confident and consistent to win it.

“Of course it would not be easy, but we must know that scholarship is intended for people who have consistency and willingness to compete, it is not only for the smart students. Therefore if we are consistent and never give up, we will get it,” he said.

Previously, UNS International office has launched IO Study Aboard with the theme “Study and Scholarship in France”. Yudhi Sastroredjo, chief of Administration of UNS International Office said that IO Study Aboard as a routine agenda aims to facilitate the scholarship institutions to inform and encourage the students to continue their study aboard in US.

For further information about study and scholarship in US, UNS Student can contact E-mail: iqbalM2@state.gov or iqbalM2@america.gov and Phone: 08118012538 (Muhammad Iqbal).   humas-red.uns/Ysp/Dty

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