Faculty of Medicine UNS Launches ‘SMART PULMO’ Application

UNS − Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta launched an expert system called SMART PULMO (Sebelas Maret Acid-Base and Respiratory Failure Interpretation Tool-Pulmonology) to help doctors in interpreting respiratory failure and acid-base disorders, Friday (17/3/2018).

UNS Smart Pulmo


SMART PULMO was developed by Siswanto, Reviana, Jatu Aphirdasari, and Arifin. According to Siswanto, SMART PULMO is created based on the data that look like normal but actually have abnormalities. It happened because the interpretation was done manually.

“We often read the data of the patients that look like normal. However, even if these look like normal, there are abnormalities,” said Siswanto

Furthermore, Siswanto explained that doctors usually interpret acid-base disorders based on the theory of Handerson-Hasselbach, but there are still other theories related to this case, such as BE-Stewart theory. Therefore, Siswanto and team initiated to create an application that can combine these approaches so that we get the results in detail.

“We then combine three approaches as a step to produce more detailed data,” explained Siswanto.

In addition, Reviana stated that the use of SMART PULMO application is more ‘time-saving’ than manual work because this application only takes about 10 minutes for interpreting the disorders. Reviana also stated that there has been a suitability of Kappa coefficient on this application.

“There has been a suitability of Kappa coefficient on this application compare with the manual. It has high suitability. So, it probably can replace the manual version,” stated Reviana.

People can use this application on PC, laptops, or android. It costs Rp 25.000,00 to download this application. humas-red.uns.ac.id/Tni/Dty

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