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FP Lecturers Train Coffee Farmers

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

UNS – Lecturers of Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta conducted Post-Harvest Training Based on Geographical Indications of Robusta Coffee and Business Group Management in Temanggung, Central Java. This program was based on the idea that increasing the potential of Robusta Temanggung Coffee to become a business with high economic value requires ideal standard competence from farmers as the main actors in coffee farming.

The team leader, Dr. Padmaningrum, S.P., explained that all processes, whether on-farm or off-farm, needed to be applied optimally to intensify the output quality of the coffee product. The effort to improve the quality of coffee as a competitive commodity can be started from enhancing the competence and motive of the farmers to carry out the harvest and post-harvest processes appropriately. The pulper machine was introduced to the farmers in order to encourage red-cherry-bean picking, besides strengthening groups business management.

“Thus, the training for the farmer community and the pulper machine support from the UNS voluntary team, hopefully, will be a stimulant for the farmers in applying the post-harvest process of robusta coffee in Temanggung,” Dr. Padmaningrum, S.P. Explained.

The training was subjected to two farmer groups of Gemawang Sub-district and conducted in two days at Herbimono’s house, one of the locals, located at RT 01 / RW 03 Muncar Village. In the first day, presentation of Robusta coffee material and post-harvest processing practices according to IG standards was delivered by the MPIG-KRT Management and UNS Team.

In the second day, the speaker was Edi Budi Prasetyo, S.PKP., M.Si. From the HR Development and an agricultural institution of the Department of Agriculture and Food Security of Temanggung Regency. He delivered the subject of red-cherry picking motivation, robusta coffee processing based on the IG standards, and group motivation in managing coffee business according to IG standard. Moreover, this speaker from UNS closed the program by giving subject about robusta team-working business. HUMAS UNS/Imron