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Getting Chosen as Campus Ambassador, Marcelino Engages Students to Support UNS WCU

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UNS – Campus Ambassador of Univerity of Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta has already been chosen on Saturday (11/24/2019). In that peak night of Campus Ambassador Conferment of UNS 2019, the student from the study program of psychology, Medical faculty (FK) of UNS for academic year of 2017, Marcelino Tedjo Saputro was chosen to carry the mandate.
Getting asked regarding the reason participating in Campus Ambassador of UNS 2019, he mentioned that his willpower to compete with other participants is the main principle registering Campus Ambassador of UNS 2019.
“The reason I registered Campus Ambassador is because coincidentally I am the KT Ambassador, then I am entrusted by Executive Students Board (BEM) of FK to participate in Campus Ambassador of UNS 2019,” he stated.
Even he once felt doubt, Marcel eventually became even confident owing to the support from his closest people.
“I once felt doubt facing other participants who have better experiences and surely more competent than me. Then, I started being more confident to challenge my self any further. Here, I got high support from all parts either the friends from BEM FK, lecturers, parents, or many others. Then, I even got excited to join Campus Ambassador of UNS 2019,” he told.
Getting chosen as the Campus Ambassador of UNS 2019, Marcelo did not feel arrogant. He considered that he was chosen as the new Campus Ambassador of UNS he has duties to brand UNS. Moreover, as the ambassador, he wanted to realize UNS as Wolrd Class University (WCU).
“(The hope) for this time is World Class University, because it is a good step in branding UNS to be more noted among wide community,” Marcel stated.
To realize this vision, Marcel through the forum of Campus Ambassador engaged the UNS students to encourage the development of competency together.
“Indeed, the first step is supporting and introducing the programs of UNS in realizing the WCU. It is begun with the intern UNS students then going outside. Moreover, it is by encouraging the competence development of the students in order to spread the wings of UNS in international stages,” Marcel mentioned. HUMAS UNS/Yefta/Imron