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UNS and ISI Celebrate Christmas Together

By January 13, 2020 No Comments

UNS – Rector and the academicians of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, attended Christmas celebration together with the Indonesia Art Institute (Institut Seni Indonesia-ISI) Surakarta in Balai Besar ISI Surakarta, Thursday (09/01/2020). In 2020, ISI Surakarta got the opportunity to be the host for Christmas Celebration together with UNS, by presenting Rm. A. Agus Ariestyanto to deliver a homily.

Welcoming the Rector of UNS, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho, the Rector of ISI Surakarta Dr. Drs. Guntur M. Hum, mentioned that the presence of Prof. Jamal together with UNS academicians shows that the relationship between UNS and ISI always harmonious and friendly.

“I am grateful that this morning we can gather at Teater Besar ISI Surakarta, which full of participants. This shows that the relationship between UNS and ISI, even though we are under two different institutions, but we really are united and harmonious, marked with a collaboration event between the two, which organized alternatively in ISI Surakarta or UNS,” Dr. Guntur explained.

In the front of the participant of Christmas celebration, Dr. Guntur mentioned the theme for Christmas Celebration between ISI Surakarta and UNS, “Live as a friend for everyone,” this will be proof that the society is no longer affected by the differences that surfaced after the National Election of 2019.

During the occasion, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho also delivers a remark for the participant and mentioned several important issues regarding the diversity in society.

“Indonesia is established based on diversity, either diversity in ethnicity, nation, language, religion, even differences in political views. We believe that diversity has its own beauty if the Indonesian fellow people know and respect each other. This means Indonesia should be our home,” Prof. Jamal explained.

As a closing, Prof. Jamal also mentioned the theme of the Christmas Celebration, which he felt it necessary to be discussed. For him, become a friend for everyone should be based on three important attitudes, namely sincerity, respect, and equality.

“The theme of this year’s Christmas Celebration is appropriate amidst the President Jokowi and national figures invitation to maintain the harmony, peace, and friendship among the religious communities. The hustle and bustle of this-worldliness have made us forget our friends. To be a friend shows the desire to correct our relations with other people, based on respect, sincerity, equality, not transactional relations let alone exploitation with hate speech,” he added. Humas UNS/YEFTA