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UNS Delegates Win Best Cultural Performance in Malaysia

By September 6, 2019 No Comments

UNS – Student delegation of Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) who left for Malaysia to represent Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta was awarded the best performer in 2019 ASEAN University Youth Summit (AUYS).

The award was achieved by them after performing Sekartaji Mask Dance (Indonesian traditional mask dance) in front of students from all over Southeast Asia. 

Sekartaji Mask Dance was chosen as their potent weapon in the closing ceremony of 2019 AUYS because the dance has impressive meaning about the philosophy of life.

“The dance was suggested by Drs. Supardjo, M.Hum., a lecturer of Local Literature Department of FIB UNS, because it has a powerful message which good always triumphs over evil,” said Muthia Putri Meilania, one of the FIB UNS delegates when contacted via text message, Friday (08/30/2019).

Later on, she explained on the Sekartaji Mask Dance presented by these delegates, they portrayed many human characters.

“It shows many human’s emotions, such as anger, haughty, and aggressive at the scene when Panji was facing against Klana; kindness, composure, and patience on the other hand,” she added.

In the event, the FIB UNS delegates who were Muthia Putri Meilania from English Language and Literature Department; Elisabeth Nugrahaeni Elvianingtyas, Eka Adhi Pratama, and Risang Nariswari Murti from Local Literature Department; Maimun Agil Sadid from Historical Science Department; also Rayi Khenyalarang Kusumaning from English Language Department performed cultural stage.

Moreover, they also participated in series activities of 2019 AUYS, like a round table discussion, ACEP (ASEAN Community Engagement Programme), and ACF (ASEAN Cultural Festival).

“Agil and I focused on taking part in the round table discussion and ACEP. Meanwhile, the others concentrated more for ACF,” she explained.

With the proud result from Malaysia, Muthia hopes that in the future UNS can excel international achievements in order to make Indonesia proud.

Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), so glad I can do Indonesia and UNS proud in Malaysia. Next year, 2020 AUYS will be held in Vietnam, hopefully, we can join and become the pride of Indonesia and UNS,” she concluded. Humas UNS/Yefta/Try