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UNS International Students Joining 2019 Hi Java Cultural Course

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UNS – International Office of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta holds a cultural course for international students. It is named 2019 Hi Java Cultural Course. Hi Java Cultural Course is an a-couple-weeks program for them who have limited understanding or are not familiar with the Indonesian and Javanese cultural.

Public Relation of UNS International Office, Yudi Sastroredjo said that this program aimed to introduce the Indonesian language, culture, and social life, especially Javanese people, for all the foreign students around the world. It will broaden their knowledge about Indonesia and its diversity.

“In 2019, Hi Java Cultural Course is held on August 5-17. This program is the fifth time organized by UNS International Office,” he explained, Wednesday (08/07/2019).

This program is conducted in English. Hi Java Cultural Course is packaged with combining the learning process in the class in the morning and the field trip in the afternoon. The materials in this course are designed for international students who need the basic or general knowledge about Indonesian and Javanese culture. The result of this course will be beneficial in many aspects from academic until professional purposes. This program sets in Surakarta and its surrounding areas where the participants will be visiting several cultural sites, so they can learn in fun.

The goal of this program is to enlighten the students in such an exciting way, about Indonesian and Javanese brief history, society, language, art, and culture. This year, Hi Java program is attended by six participants who are the active students from several countries that are interested in Indonesian society, language, and culture, especially Javanese. The six students are from Japan, Taiwan, and Canada. Humas UNS/ Dwi/Try