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UNS Javanology Holds 101 Kris Exhibition of Begug Purnomosidi’s Collection

By November 5, 2019 No Comments

UNS – Entitled 2019 Javanology Keris Exhibition, Javanology of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta conducted “101 Kris Exhibition of Begug Purnomosidi‘s Collection” at UNS Museum in UNS Library on 7th floor. The exhibition which lasted on October 29-31, was opened by Rector of UNS Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho.

In his remarks, Prof. Jamal appreciated the event. He hopes that Javanology could become the Center of Excellence of cultural scope. When someone talks about UNS, Javanology will be an iconic landmark that is always remembered.

“UNS is Javanology. Literature about Java in UNS is at Javanology,” Prof. Jamal explained.

Keris or kris is one of the wondrous national treasures. It is asymmetrical Javanese weaponry with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron. Some Javanese believe that kris is the core of vortex of wisdom and kanuragan (collection of supernatural abilities obtained through certain deeds or sacrifices) which symbolize courage or compassion and mercy. Javanese proverb says, joyo diningrat lebur dining pangestuti (superiority and glory can be defeated by prayer.

“History has recorded that some Javanese think that kris is like devotions which more powerful than any weapon. Courage and compassion are reflected in the symbol of kris which conquering without revenge,” he added.

“Kris is not only interpreted in the magical religious aspect, but also as a world-recognized cultural product of ancestral heritage. We own the culture are obliged to protect, develop, and care for it in accordance with Indonesian Antiquities Act,” Prof. Sahid Teguh Widodo, the Head of UNS Javanology and Chairperson of the Committee, further stated.

Not only the kris exhibition, 2019 Javanology Kris Exhibition was also enlivened with other activities, namely workshop of Jamasan Keris and Kris Metalogic Understanding, workshop of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts Conservation from PNRI Jakarta, art performance of Besalen dance-drama from KTT Wiswakarman of UNS Faculty of Cultural Sciences, and art performance from students of Taiko Japan at the opening. Humas UNS/Kaffa/Try