UNS Lake: Relaxing Place to Study

UNS – Looking for a relaxing spot to study? Café? Friend’s house? Or library? Well, here is a comfortable and quiet spot which is recommended for you. The spot is along the line of a lake in Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta or commonly known as Danau UNS.

The lake which is located beside the Faculty of Agriculture (FP) can be an alternative spot for the students to study and relax. The shady and open area along this lake is the suitable place to take a rest and gather with the friends after the class. As a recommended place to study, the UNS Lake provides some supporting facilities. The facilities are provided to ensure the convenience of the visitors. Hopefully, the facilities can accommodate the students’ needs while studying or doing the assignments.

So, what are the facilities that we can find along the edge of the UNS Lake? Let’s check this out!

Provided with benches, UNS Lake is ready to enjoy

For you who want to do your assignments and enjoy the view of the lake closely, the benches along the side of the lake will make you possible to take a seat there.

The benches that placed at the lakeside are quite numerous, along from the entrance gate until near the canteen. Don’t be worried when you want to sit for studying and enjoying the view of the lake. For your information, learning in an open area surrounded by trees certainly can increase your concentration. So, you will not get stressed while studying.

Do not want to suffer from the sun’s rays? Stay under the shelter!

For those who want to study without getting too much sunlight, calm yourself! The lake is provided with a small building functioned as a shelter. So you can keep yourself safe from the sunlight while studying. In this place, you can sit on the floor studying with your friends. Instead, you can go up to the second floor to see the whole lake from above.

This building is also equipped with the toilets. In addition, you can enjoy the available WiFi network. The installed WiFi signal around this lake certainly will help you to access the internet for searching the information while studying.

The shady atmosphere around the lake is matching with the UNS Green Campus program

As one of the state universities which commits the Green Campus program, UNS surely sets this lake in a line with it. We can see that the existence of this lake enhances the UNS green space. Besides, the cleanliness of the UNS Lake is very well-maintained. The organic and inorganic trash bins are available near the lake.

The UNS Lake is suitable for you who are interested in photography

Not only as a cozy place to study, the lakeside is also a perfect spot for the students to take a picture. You can take selfie photos as much as you want with the view of the lake as the background. You can also point the beauty of the UNS Lake as your object of photography.

Besides the facilities that have been mentioned before, there is also a canteen as well.  Surely, the canteen near the lake will make you enjoy and happy spending your time here.

As the UNS citizens, we have a responsibility to take care of the provided facilities in order to keep the convenience and magnificence of the UNS Lake. Don’t forget to throw the trashes in the available trash bin, don’t do vandalism, and don’t revoke the plants near the lake. The clean and well-maintained lake will impress not only us but also the visitors who come to our campus. (Humas UNS – Yef/Isn/Asl)

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